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Class: 2-3 year olds- Lessons for the 30th of October to 05th of October

Lessons for the 30th of October to 05th of October

Class: 2-3 year olds

Psalms 33.12

To teach the children that only when we love and obey God, can we be truly happy.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…    Psalms 33.12)

Educator, take to the classroom the UK’s flag (or a picture) and flags from other countries too. Start by asking: Do you know where this flag is from? (Wait for their participation.) This is the flag of the country we are in, the flag of (state the country’s name). The colors of our flag are: (tell the colors, and point to them according to the flag and ask the kids to repeat with you). In today's story we will learn about a child who loved his flag.

BRIAN was a very intelligent boy who also loved to play. He played football and loved to score goals too (pretend you are kicking a ball). Brian liked to swim (make the gesture), jump and play lots of other games.
But what Brian liked most was to play with his flags. He had flags from different countries (show the flags). But the flag that Brian liked the most was the English one and do you know why? Because despite been the flag of his country he liked its colors too (show again the flag).
One day Brian's mother taught him that the country and the place where people love and obey God is the most blessed country and that people there are truly happy. Who here loves the Lord Jesus raise your hand?

Little friends, when we are with Jesus, then we are happy people. He is our friend, who gives us happiness and makes us feel protected and safe. Many bad things happen in some countries because people are not friends with God and do wrong things, so we must be obedient and love God ... Amen?

Cutting. Take to the classroom papers that are easy to rip like foil,
paper crepe, sheets from magazines, newspapers,
wrapping paper, etc.
Rip the papers in smaller sizes, place them on a table so that
children can choose and take their places. Ask them to cut the paper with their fingers. Give out plain sheets of paper and ask them to draw with crayons, the story and then glue the pieces of paper (the above) into
the drawing. Encourage them to help one another
reminding them of what they have learned.

Dancing with the flag. Educator, you will need a flag from your country (may be on a small paper or a real one, without the mast), radio and a CD with music for the children. Make a circle with the children and give each one a flag in the hands. Start by saying: Today we learned that people who love God are happier than those who don’t. Now let's dance joyfully for Jesus?
While we're dancing, this flag should go from one hand to the other when the music stops playing, the one who is holding the flag gets off the circle and will help me watch the game carry on. Make sure they understand the rules of the game. Ask the biblical educator assistant to play the music and to stop it suddenly. Encourage children to dance and continue until only one child remains.

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