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Class: 4-7 year olds- Lessons for the 30th of October to 05th of October

Lessons for the 30th of October to 05th of October

Class: 4-7 year olds

Psalms 33.12

To teach the children that only when we love and obey God, can we be truly happy.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…    Psalms 33.12)

Start by saying the following: "Children, do you know what a nation is? (Wait for their participation.) A Nation (country) is a group of people living in the same place, speaking the same language, having the same habits and obeying the same laws. Each nation has leaders and beliefs. In some countries people use faith in the wrong way and end up contradicting the Word of God. Today we will learn about what makes people from one country to truly be happy.

KEVIN loved listening to this grandfather’s stories about faraway countries. He taught him about how some live etc. One day they were talking about Israel's wars. Kevin had learned that the Israeli nation was God's chosen and that He wanted to make them a strong nation, blessed, wealthy and peaceful. But unfortunately the people there did not believe that Jesus came into the world to be the Savior of mankind, because of this there are a lot of wars in Israel. At the end of the story, the boy asked:
Grandpa ... What should people do to be happy?
“Kevin, people should love God first, because in His Word is written," Blessed is the nation whose God is the lord ". The country where people seek God will always be blessed, and all will live happily”, said his grandfather.
The boy then realized that people who seek God have peace within themselves, and live in peace with those around them. Just as it happened in King Solomon’s kingdom. He asked the divine wisdom so he could take care for his people. Kevin learned that he should be faithful to Jesus, to serve Him with joy and talk about Him to his friends too.

Children, when we have Jesus in our hearts we are happy. The real joy comes from God and the His world. The only truly happy people are those who have God as their Lord. Who here loves God say amen!

Educator, search on the web sites or magazine, pictures of various flags, (small) and print a sufficient amount for the whole class. Cut them and put blue tack on the back of each flag. Also bring to the classroom two polyethylene balls (200mm) and a CD player with children's gospel music.
In one of the balls, make a happy face and write on it: People with God. On the other make a sad face and write: People without God. Prepare everything before the class begins and make sure all is ready!
Start by giving out the flags and say: Do you know what you are holding? (Wait for their participation). These are flags from some countries, and now we are going to play with them. Can you see these balls? They represent people with God and people without God. (Show the writing and get two children to hold one ball each). While the music plays you will hold the balls and you will pass it on to the next person close to you and whoever is holding the ball when the music stops, is eliminated. Got it?
Educator, play the CD and start the activity. When all the flags are glued on the balls; slowly remove the pictures and say: Are you seeing the picture of this ball? (Show the sad face). Can you see the flags on the ball? Well, these represent People without God (read what is written), that is, they are sad, because they live in the wrong way, far away from God and because of that they are full of problems and unhappy. But when the people of these countries (show flags on the ball) seek God (Read what is written behind the ball), then people live (Show the face of the part of below) happily, because they have God as their Lord. Therefore, children, we must have God as our Lord. Who here loves God say amen!

Coloring and learning. We learned that ". Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD ". Draw your flag and color it nicely.

Looking for the letter. Educator, bring to the classroom magazines, newspapers and leaflets from shops. Bring A4 plain paper, blunt scissors and glue. Divide the class into trios and distribute the material between them. Start by saying the following: Children, we learned today that the country where they have God as they Lord, are very happy. Now, let’s look for the letter H (Happy) amongst all the papers, magazines you have in front of you.
Answer. Educator, write on pieces of paper some questions based on today’s story and then place them in a basket. Also bring to the classroom a CD player. Play the music, sort the children in a circle and have them scrolling through, the basket. The teacher assistant must (suddenly) stop the music. The child who is holding the basket when the music stops, should get a paper and answer the question.

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