Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Class: 2-3 year olds

Proverbs 15.13

Teach the children that when someone is happy, they are more beautiful.

“A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.” (Proverbs 15.13)

Take a picture (from a magazine or newspaper) of a baby crying and one smiling. Get also a picture of fat person, slim, tall, black, white, straight hair, curly hair (these illustrations will be used in the story). Start now by showing the picture and ask: Which of these two children are sad? (Wait for their participation.) The crying child isn’t it? We know that the child is sad because he's crying. Just by looking at people we can tell if they are sad. In today's story we meet a girl who lived very sad. Let’s hear the story!

RACHEL WAS a very pretty girl. Her hair was pretty also and curly. But she was sad because she wanted straight hair, like her friend Lauren. And so Rachel always had that sad expression in her face. Do you know why? When our heart is sad it shows in our face too!
One day Lauren saw that Rachel was sad and asked, "Why are you sad? She replied saying that she wanted to have straight hair. Lorraine explained that people are different; some are tall, others small etc, some have curly hair, other straight hair and so on. No one is the same but we are all special to God! When she heard that, Rachel was very happy and was never sad again about her looks.

Children, a person becomes more beautiful when she has a happy heart. Many people have a sad expression in their face because their heart is sad too. Did you know that Jesus loves us just the way we are? Lets rejoice! Who here loves Jesus say amen with joy!

Lauren taught Rachel that when we are happy inside, we look prettier.
Modeling. Divide modeling dough through the children and ask for them to do Rachel’s story. Interact with them too then make a presentation on the table for everyone to see the modeling work they did.
Game. Take black cardboard to the class (or a dark one) and write on it: Person With A Sad Heart, and on a yellow card (or white) person write: Person with a joyful heart. Also bring several illustrations (pictures from magazines or newspapers) people happy and sad. We suggest you bring double quantity of illustration according to the number of children you usually have in class. Stick tape behind the illustrations. Arrange chairs in a circle, place the artwork and the cards in the middle of the circle and start saying: Today we learned that a person is more beautiful and happy when her heart is also happy and that a sad heart makes a person look less beautiful. Educator, follow the order of the circle and ask a child at a time, to choose a picture and paste it on the poster that corresponds to it, and illustrations of sad people where it is written “Person with a sad heart”. Praise them when they do well and give a second chance to those who didn’t. Continue until all the pictures are attached.

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