Tuesday, 11 October 2011

 Class: 4-7 year olds

Proverbs 15.13

Teach the children that when someone is happy, they are more beautiful.

“A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.” (Proverbs 15.13)

By this time you will need a photo (from magazines) of a person with a happy face and one with a sad face. Paste the pictures on the blackboard or on the wall and say: 'In your opinion, how is this person feeling? Are they happy or sad? (Wait for their participation.) You will probably say they are happy and the other sad. Ask: How did you come to this conclusion? Through the face you could see what he was feeling isn’t it? Today we will hear a story where we will see why a person has a sad face. Let’s listen to the story!

THERE WAS a girl named Rachel, who lived with her parents, sister and brother. The girl was a dancer and participated in many activities and loved sports.  Rachel was beautiful and her hair was full of curls. Despite her being beautiful, many times her sadness hide her beauty. She was kind and polite, and Raquel had many friends. The only problem was that she was angry and sad about everything, and she was always crying. If anyone passing her by did not say hello or if she missed a step in the ballet class, then she would become sad.
One day Anita, Rachel’s friend, tried to find out what was making her so sad. Rachel told her she felt that way because she did not like her curly hair, and also had received a low grade on a test she had and her mother was not happy about it... Anita then decided to teach her something very important. She told Rachel that she should study more and pray for God's wisdom, because that way she would get better grades. She also said that Jesus loves her just the way she is, and told her that if she makes Jesus her best friend, then He would take all her sadness away. She also told her:
- I also used to be very sad, but at the CBC I learned the true happiness that comes from Jesus, because he        is my best friend and         I know he's always with me. From that moment, Rachel wanted to have the same joy in her heart and answered saying: "I want to go with you to the CBC. And the next day, Anita and her mother took Rachel to the church and the girl was very happy to hear more about the things of God.

We learned today that the person becomes much more beautiful when you have the joy of Jesus in your heart, but when you are sad inside, it shows in your face and your beauty disappears. Who here is very happy with Jesus?

Write the verse of the week on the board before the class begins. If you do not have a board, write parts of it on sheets of paper and stick them to a table (so the class may read it) and do not forget to write the Bible reference. Take to the class illustrations or pictures (magazines) of beggars asking for money, sick people, children playing happily, family gathered for lunch, people laughing and a child playing with its pet.
Stick (in the order that is above) each illustration or photo on a sheet of paper. Give a title to each illustration, for example: Beggars asking for coins. Then staple the sheets in the same order, etc
Start by saying: Children, today I brought you some pictures and illustrations to show you. Educator, display the pictures and read the title of the first sheet. Observe the reaction of children. Go to the other sheet and do the same.
On the sheets where the children are playing happily, read the title with a cheerful expression and the do the same with the following sheets. Note that the children change their reaction and their faces will be happy too. Then conclude by saying: Kids, I have observed that during the presentation of the photos, many showed a serious face, and sad sometimes when I showed you the pictures. But when I showed you the pictures of happy people you also looked happy. Do you know why that happened? (Wait for their participation.) Because without realizing we show in our faces if we are happy or sad about something, as it says in this week's verse: "A cheerful heart beautifies the face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken." (Proverbs 15.13)
Little friends, we must ask God to put joy in our hearts every day, because he gets very happy when he sees his children happy. Now we are going to memorize the verse of the week. Educator, memorize the verse of the week as follows:
1. Read the verse of the week (the one that you have written on the sheet), explaining the difficult words and the meaning of the verse. 2. Ask them to close their eyes, (if it is written on the blackboard or on the
sheets), remove some words from the verse and get them to complete the missing words. Repeat the verse again with the class.

Poster. For this activity, you will need some magazines and newspapers, scissors, glue and cardboard. Write as title on the cardboard: Happy People. Ask the kids to choose photos of people smiling in various situations, such as a family, children playing, people in the church, parties etc. Educators, after this, cut the selected photos and ask to the kids to glue them on the poster. Once the poster is ready, talk to the class about why people look sad or happy, stressing that what beautifies their faces is the joy that only Jesus can give.
Free drawing. Distribute sheets of paper and ask them to draw what are the things that make them happy. At the end of the activity, ask them to explain the drawing they made.

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