Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Class: 2-3 year olds

Proverbs 12.10

Teach the kids that we have to take care of the animals.

A righteous man regards the life of his animal... (Proverbs 3.6)

Take to the classroom illustrations of ants and an elephant (to be used in the conclusion). Educator, search the Internet for pictures of animals and pictures of animals playing with their owners. Start by saying: You see these animals? (Show the illustrations). See how the animals play with their owners. Did you know that God created the animals and that we should take care of them? Today we are going to hear the story of a boy who really loved animals.

JOHNNY Loved taking care of animals. Who here has a pet? Raise your hand. It is fun to have one isn’t it? Johnny knew that. He had a little fish also and took care of it really well. He walked his dog and played with his cat too. Johnny lived close to a boy that used to be mistreat his own dog... (show a sad face).
One day, the boy’s dog escaped and came to Johnny’s door. He took the animal inside his home and took care of him. The other boy was searching for his lost dog. He looked everywhere until he saw Johnny walking his dog (put your hand on your forehead and make gestures as if you were looking for something far away). Then he said: This animal is mine! (Make an angry face) Do you know what Johnny said? Stop mistreating your dog! Did you know that the Lord Jesus is sad with those who do evil things to animals?

Little friends, God created all living things and He loves every animal, from small, like ants (show the picture) to the big ones like an elephant (show the picture). Good people take care for their animals, but the evil ones mistreat their animals. And we cannot be like that ... Do you all understand?

Telling the story. Educator, ask the children to sit in a circle and tell them: Today we learned that we must be kind to animals. Who here has a pet? Raise your hand; I'll pick some of you to talk about your pets. Educator, ask the name, what kind of animal it is, what it likes to eat etc. The children will want to talk and tell stories, let them express themselves and give the opportunity for everyone to speak. At the end tell them that Jesus is pleased when they take care of their animals.

Imitating the animals. Take to the classroom pictures of
animals: dog, cat, horse, frog, kangaroo, bird, chicken,
monkey etc (you can use the
same as in the introduction). Place the illustrations in the
decorated shoe box and start talking about what was taught in the story.
Ask a child to grab a picture and to name the animals. Then
get the class to imitate the animal. Continue until you finish
all the illustrations.

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