Tuesday, 18 October 2011

 Class: 4-7 year olds

Proverbs 12.10

Teach the kids that we have to take care of the animals.

A righteous man regards the life of his animal... (Proverbs 3.6)

Educator, search on the Internet images of animals and welfare institutions, people with their animals and animals receiving veterinary care. Start now by asking: What is the similarity between these animals? (Wait for their participation.) All these animals are receiving care and being treated well. Children, we will learn in today's story about the importance of taking good care of our pets.

IN A cute little village, lived a boy named Johnny. The child grew up surrounded by many animals, and from a young age he learned how to treat them well. He fed the animals at the right time, played with them and looked after them with great joy. It so happened that Johnny's parents bought a house in the city and decided to move. Johnny could not have many animals in the new house, so he kept a kitten.
Johnny went to school; he met many children and became friends with Paul, a funny boy who loved to make people laugh. At school, Paul seemed to be a good person, but at home, he did not take good care of his dog, as he had no patience.
Johnny felt very sad because Paul was mistreating his dog and so asked Paul if he could look after his dog. Johnny went on to take care of the dog with affection and attention. Time passed and the animal was growing strong and very healthy. When he saw that his dog was been well treated, Paul wanted to understand why his friend gave so much value to animals. Paul thought that animals were not important and therefore could abuse them and mistreat them. Then Johnny said:
Friend, God teaches us in His word that we should take good care of our animals. We must be kind to all creatures of God because He is sad when we are evil.
While Johnny spoke, Paul thought and said: I do not want God to think I'm evil and be sad with me. Then you must change your attitude, said Johnny. - Yes, from now on I will not be evil to animals but will start treating them with love.

There are many people who mistreat animals and leave them on the streets leaving them unprotected. We cannot be like that. We must love and take care of the animals, because this displeases God. So take care of your pet with joy, just as Johnny in.

You will need brown tape. Start by choosing the kids that are with a white blouse or a similar tone. Ask the educator assistant you to take them to the back of the class where others cannot see them. The educator assistant should place pieces of tape on the blouse of the children selected and then take them to the front of the class. Educator, ask the class: Look closely at these children. (Point to them). Is there something different about them? Look at their clothes. What do you think? (They will probably notice the tape) Conclude: The difference is that in their clothes there is a bit of tape, Children as this bit of tape caught the attention; God also sees when we're doing the right things and the wrong things. Even the little things, God sees, so the children that have a habit of abusing and mistreating animals end up losing the blessings of God. Who here wants to please God in everything? Then we will pray for Him to forgive us of our bad actions and bless us. Educator, ask the following questions:

1. Do you have a pet? Do you take good care of it? 2. What is your opinion about Paul's behavior? 3. In your opinion, why was Johnny so kind to animals? 4. Have you seen someone mistreating an animal? 5. Have you mistreated an animal? Have you repented? Educator, allow the kids to express themselves and give the opportunity for those who want to talk.

Memorize the verse. Memorize the verse, draw a heart in a sheet and decorate it with crepe paper balls.

Imitating the animals. Take to the classroom pictures of
animals: dog, cat, horse, frog, kangaroo, bird, chicken,
monkey etc (you can use the
same as in the introduction). Place the illustrations in the
decorated shoe box and start talking about what was taught in the story.
Ask a child to grab a picture and to name the animals. Then
get the class to imitate the animal. Continue until you finish
all the illustrations.

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