Tuesday, 4 October 2011

TFT meeting 8

8th Meeting                    

Biblical Reference:
Psalm 25.12 and John 3.3-15

Purpose of the meeting:
Teach teenagers that we must walk in the ways of God for our own good.

Key verse:
“…show me the way I should go…” (Psalm 143.8)

Initiating the meeting:

Take to the class the pictures of a traffic jam and a clear road. Start by showing both pictures and say: ‘observe the difference between these pictures. Obviously a driver, after a day of work, would choose to pass by this street (show the picture of the clear road) and never this one (show the picture of traffic jam), right? But many don’t have a choice and are obligated to spend hours in congestion because they don’t have another way. Today's message will talk about two ways of which we must choose one. (Begin the message)

Message that edify:

A new path (Part 2)

            When we are kids we hear the following question: ‘what will you be when you grow up? Doctor, teacher, lawyer…’ Each one has a dream but it’s necessary to study a lot. Just like students who long to be ahead in their academic life, so the person who wishes to develop in faith should work towards their spiritual goal. That's what Zacchaeus did, the tax collector mentioned in the previous meeting.
            By accepting Jesus, the person must be aware that they need to change direction, in other words, a new path, with different attitudes
            To belong to the family of God, to be considered His children and have the right to eternal life; one must be born of God. It is not enough simply to know about Jesus and what He can do but accept it in fact and truth, abandon sin, be baptized in water and seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
            The bible mentions about the encounter of Jesus with Nicodemus. He was an educated man, knowledgeable about the law of God, but did not understand the things of the Spirit.
            How many teenagers, who were born inside the Church or they are in the Church since kids, know the Word of God but never absorbed the will of the Holy Spirit for their lives. Because of that, they live divided between the things of God and the things from the world; elicit thoughts, lies, robbery, fights, etc. God does not force anyone to be His child, but those wishing to be part of His family, must be born again, for the kingdom of God is spiritual and in no way someone with carnal nature can enter His kingdom. Nicodemus did not understand what Jesus said to him, because he was a man of earthly nature, natural, and never understand the things of the spirit. “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them…” (1 Corinthians 2.14).  We must live in Spirit so we remain until the end.

            For love, Jesus sacrificed himself to save mankind, but is necessary for people to leave sin to become true children of God and attain eternal Salvation. When we decide to follow Him, then what is written in this verse happens: “…who, then, are those who fear the LORD? He will instruct them in the ways they should choose.” (Psalm 25.12).

Activity of the 8º Meeting


1- Do you have difficulty staying on the path of God?

2- In your opinion what is necessary for spiritual development?

3- What do you understand about walking a new path?

4- Explain what you understand about the verse: “…who, then, are those who fear the LORD? He will instruct them in the ways they should choose.” (Psalm 25.12).

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