Monday, 5 December 2011

21 Days Daniel's Fasting- Directions

The 21 Days of Daniel's  Fasting starts this coming Sunday and we have a blessed direction to pass to you all!!! 
Grab you notepad and take notes of every detail!!!

Gather all your CBC educators and put your very best to provide for the children a Sanctuary in the CBC class! 

Your CBC Leader can choose a room where it will be done, if    you  also want you can make it for the 2-3 years old as well, but let's prioritise the older classrooms age, but if you can do for the smaller class age, would be even better! 

This place will be our children's 21 Days Sanctuary to seek the Holy Spirit! 

Also make an extra effort to provide background songs to be played while they seek! 

It really motivates them to understand the seriousness of the moment, we have experienced it, and the result was wonderful,    they wore all silent listening to what the Educator was praying while the background song covered the silence of the environment!

Here are simple examples of how you Sanctuary can look   like:

The environments of this room really counts! Have a look at the celling of this CBC Classroom really creative, we could do it inside of our Sanctuary!

All visual resources are to awake the faith and open the imagination of the children for the spiritual things, so every effort is valued. See here also this idea to be placed inside the Sanctuary on a white clotted table:

We'll all need to place a Countdown Poster Card of the 21 Days... 
Here are more sample pictures:

And for their own use we can print this small 21 Days Countdown Calendar and they can take it home with them and every day they are faithful in their fasting they cut the dove's picture and stick it on the day.

And final but not last a memorable gift for all those who remain until the end in the fasting a Gift prepared by all Educators! See pictures samples:



Cap ( Favorite!)

Writing: "I want the Holy Spirit"


Look at that brilliant idea made with
yogurt cointainer and Foam Paper (EVA)
inside of it can be placed candy or verses of the bibleor maybe both ...
Why not?
Since we have to let it all prepared to be an unforgettable day.
The day of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in all our lives,
Educators, children and teens!

For this Month the Directions will be the "21 Days Verse of the bible" and as an activity we'll be doing the booklet with the verse of the day where each child will write the verse and do the colouring.

See Booklet pages below for each child (We'll be sending it also by email)

Not forgetting we have to make time to rehearse for at list 30 min every day your CBC is open! 

So here is a idea for your Class Planner for this Month:

Hope you can make the best of it and take the children to the Kingdom of God! And even Biblical Educators will be baptised with the Holy Spirit in this Special Sanctuary!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the direction. We from South Africa are going to use this same guideline.

Big kiss,
Ana Lucia

Graziela Lima said...

Amem Ana! We're happy to hear that! We're together in the same faith! Big kisses to you too...

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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