Friday, 9 December 2011

21 Days of Daniel's Fasting Visuals

All CBC's are already in the Spirit of this Fasting!!! Croydon is ready to step into it...Check below the visuals resources done by the B.E. and how they prepared their CBC room for this Fasting!

Look at this Sanctuary!!!

And now with Light! Very beautiful!

Look at their Countdown Poster Card

This way, children and even parents will be able to keep track of what's happening throughout the 21 Days Fasting.

And now...Booklets!!! 

How it's done

Final result of the inside of the booklet

Now, different ideas for the cover of the same above:


 Something very important to share with you:

"Dear CBC,
We did the sanctuary, and what I decided to do with our biblical educators after or before the main services  is to gather all of the B.E inside the sanctuary to seek for us, also to determine when the children step their feet inside they may have a true encounter with God and say oh What A Day!!! Furthermore the idea of the sanctuary for the children is great because I believe it will make it more special for them.

CBC Croydon
"Nadia Da Silva"

Look what a great idea, not only children will be seeking the Spirit of God inside of the Sanctuary, but also B.E., to be revived and determine that the children will not leave that Sanctuary without Him!

This 21 Days Fasting will not only bless our children but also each one of us!

Thank you so much Croydon for sharing!!!


Sandra Ulume said...

This is beautiful well done

Sibon said...

This is nice. Thank you for sharing Croydon CBC

chanelle mckenzie said...

That is very creative

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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