Friday, 23 December 2011

Day 13 of Daniel Fasting

Friends, did you ever noticed that for everything that we want in life, we have to sacrifice? 

Did you ever stop to think that even the Lord Jesus had to sacrifice His will to save us?

See friends, our life, must be a life of sacrifice... Daily Sacrifice of our will, our desires, our ego, our way of thinking, our thoughts! 
You are sacrificing now to receive the Spirit of God and when you receive it, does this means that you can stop sacrificing? No! 

We will give you an example, imagine in this cold, you want to get warm and you do a fireplace, however you need wood and fire, but for you to keep the fire on, you will have to put more and more wood, if you don't put it, it will stop gradually until that you got no fire no more!

This happens with us as well... "How B.Ed.?" You may ask... We will tell you how! 
When you receive the Spirit of God, it does not mean that you cannot loose Him no more! No! But, for this not to happen, you must sacrifice your desires everyday, you must do what pleases God, obey to His Word, keep on Seeking God with all of your heart, reading your Bible to see what God has to speak with you... This way you are putting more and more "wood" in your fireplace, so the fire (Holy Spirit) will keep on burning inside of you!

Friends, this sacrifice is really worthy innit?

Be with God friends!

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