Friday, 23 December 2011

Day 14 of Daniel Fasting

Hello again little friends!!!

Day 14 of our fasting! How has it been going for you? Share with us your experiences!

Let me ask you, when you are thirsty, you want a glass of water, and there is a dirty glass, would you put clear water on it for you to drink?

No??!! Why not?

Yeah, I know the glass is dirty, but the water is clear...


I agree with you! I wouldn't drink out of that glass as well, even knowing that the water was clear, but in a dirty glass it would become dirty.

The same thing is between us and God! God cannot pour out His Spirit into a dirty heart. And this "dirtiness" that we are speaking about is not something physical, no. It's about the way our heart is and what we do in our daily life. If throughout our days we lie, swear, we're proud, we disobey, we cannot forgive people who hurt us, imagine how our hear is...full of dirtiness! And our heart does not want to do the opposite, but our mind tell us that we must do the opposite of these, so we have to listen to our mind!

And how can the Holy Spirit come inside of a heart full of these bad things? He can't...

That's why, that for us to receive Him, we have to clean our hearts by faith first, and then He will come! And you know what? Those who have the Spirit of God and sacrifice daily, they will enter in the Kingdom of God!!!!

Ahhh I want to enter there! Do you? So lets clean our hearts and make them ready to receive the Spirit of God!

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