Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Day 17 of Daniel Fasting

When a new year is approaching, everyone is full of hopes that this new year will be everything different isnt't friends? But do you think that only hope by itself is enough? We just have to look around and we can see that it's not enough because for us to have a different life, we have to act our faith as well! 

When we read our Bible friends. we can see this clearly. Do you remember when God called Abraham and promised to make Him Father of Nations? For this, he had to go away from his family who didn't believed in God and go to a place very far that God showed to him. 
Israel, his grandson, multiplied a lot friends, they became a great nation. And then God delivered them from Egypt, and they became a stronger and bigger nation. 

Ah friends... But Israel people started to displease God so much that they became slaves again. Do you know what can we learn from here friends? When the people were with God, doing everything right, they had peace, joy, prosperity, health, but when they displeased God, everything bad came against them. When they were suffering, they would call upon God's name and He would give the recipe of happiness to them as He does nowadays. Do you wnat to know what recipe is this???? FAITHFULNESS
(Malachi 3.6-12)

This is it friends, there is only one way of having a New Year full of peace, joy and happiness. We have to renew our convenant with God, being faithful to Him in our tithes, offerings and everyhting that His Word teach us. 

Let's think about all of this before we enter in 2012???

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