Thursday, 29 December 2011

Day 18 of Daniel Fasting

Do you know what ugly duckling means children?

Many children and Teens feel like ugly ducklings in the midst of their friends, school, neighbourhood and even at home! Bishop Macedo, felt like this, did you know that? He came from a poor family, they lacked many things, they did not have much you know, however, through his parents, he learnt to be humble and the value of keeping our word.
Later on, this helped him a lot to believe in the Word of God, because if he gave value to his parents word, who are simple human beings, imagine to the Word that comes out of God mouth!!!

Today friends we can see that Bishop Macedo dedicates himself to help people who are suffering, mistreated, abandoned, but do you know why? Because this reminds him of his past, and he knows how's the feeling for being the ugly duckling... Truth is that he only felt human at home, as his parents loved him very much.

Maybe friends, you feel just like this, a ugly duckling, you feel abandoned, ignored, empty, sad, lonely...But we've got something very important to tell to you! 

Do not feel that way! Because Jesus came for people like you, He loves you the way you are, don't worry about what other people think of you, what matters is what Jesus thinks about you! And for sure He has thoughts of love, joy, care, you are very special to Him! 

Another little secret we have to tell you... Jesus is with you right now! And He feels your heart with joy, peace, love, while you are reading this message, the Holy Spirit takes away all sadness and everything that made you feel guilty for things that you've maybe done. From today on, you are a different child, because the Spirit of God gives you a new life!

How good, marvellous, beautiful, wonderful is God!!!

Friends, see you tomorrow, may God be with you all!

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