Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sharing a Testimony

Dear Biblical Educators,

Remember the lesson where we taught CBC Children that they shouldn't be happy when someone suffers? The activity for this day was to make an special invitation card to give to someone that they want to invite to come to the CBC, this way they would be helped and get to know Jesus, who Only could give them the happiness they were looking for!

See the testimony below!

CBC Hackney Invitation Cards

"Hello Biblical Educators! I would like to share with you something that happened in Newcastle CBC. I was scheduled to be in the CBC in the English Service, and according to the Blog Lesson about teaching children that we should not be happy when someone suffers, we came to a conclusion that this involves all people that we have contact with or not, that don't know Jesus as their Personal Lord and Saviour! And how many friends our CBC Children have in school, in the area that they live, who don't know God? And for this reason, they go through a lot on their own! Loneliness, bullying, sadness, arguments at home, family turning apart... So each child decided to make their invitation card to give to someone that they know, inviting that child to come to the CBC, where they would find joy, friends, but above all A Very Special Friend that loves them!!!
One of the girls here in the CBC, named Sarah, she design her card with much love, I asked her whom she would give it to, and she said it was to her best friend, named Chloe...
I was surprised with her initiative, as here in the North East it's not so easy to bring British people to church! But this friend of hers was British!!!

What happened...This last Sunday 11th, Chloe came to the CBC! She asked her grandma to bring her, she sat with Sarah, and payed so much attention to B.Ed.Mrs.Graziela. While Mrs.Graziela was explaining about the fasting, she was very attentive and when was time to seek in the Sanctuary, she went!
At the ends, she said she loved it! And her grandma said that she will always bring her granddaughter to the CBC, as many time as she wants!
Sarah was very brave, and she showed her passion for the souls by bringing Chloe, and Chloe will be used by God to bring her family as well! The Kingdom of God grows this way!

May God bless you all,
Tania Rei"

Thank you so much Hackney for sharing your Visual Resources!
Thank you so much Newcastle for sharing the Testimony!

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