Tuesday, 3 January 2012

21 Days Fasting Sanctuaries

Hello Children Biblical Centre!!!
How has this 21 Days Fasting been for you Biblical Educators and Children? 

We've received some more pictures from Sanctuaries and Children experience with this Fasting... Check it out:

CBC Leeds

CBC Leeds

CBC Leeds

Finsbury Park Sanctuary Room
Finsbury Park "The Holy Sanctuary"

Hi CBC Blog Team. See some images of our sanctuary. We transformed one of our rooms into a room where the children could go to seek the Holy Spirit, accompanied by a  Biblical Educator. Some of the older children in particular, realised that they were addicted to certain things (such as games, music and TV programmes) and participated in the purpose so that they could focus more on God and build a stronger relationship with Him. We are gathering the Children Testimonies and very soon I will be sharing them with you.
Melissa - Finsbury Park"

What a great thing! This Fasting Purpose is exactly this! We must take time to focus on our relationship with God, and seeing the children realizing this, is amazing, the Holy Spirit is working in our midst!

And for you friends who did not take part in the last 21 Days Fasting, your opportunity is here!

 We started this Fasting again, last Sunday, we are on the 3rd day, if you would like to strengthen your relationship with God and get to know Him, feel free to join us. If you have any doubts, speak with a Biblical Educator from your Children Biblical Centre Branch.

Obs.: Biblical Educators, send us your testimonies to cbcblog@ymail.com

Stay with God little friends!!! 

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