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Lesson: The Power of Prayer- From Sunday the 08th of Jan to 14th Satrurday

From the Sunday the 8th to Sturday the 14th of January

Bible verse to memorize

 "And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it" (John 14:13-14).

Objective of the lesson 

Lead the children to talk to God and develop a relationship with Him. Let them know that God wants to bless them, but in order for that to happen, they must communicate all their needs and worries to our Heavenly Father.

Story: The Power of Prayer

Debbie and John were siblings who always used to come to the CBC to play and have fun with their friends, but when it was time to pray, they did not like it. They never used to close their eyes and were secretly mocking and laughing of the children who did pray. They used to disturb prayer time, and were unable to concentrate.

One day, as they met outside school to walk home together, they were both very sad. Debbie's best friend was very sick and was taken to the hospital in a lot of pain. John, in the other hand, got into serious trouble because some of his friends did something wrong and left him alone to take the blame.

What could they do? Who could help them?

When they got home, Mum noticed they were sad and upset, and asked what was bothering them. They told her everything that has happened on that day, and she said: "You know, guys, there is someone who you can talk to that can help you to deal with that. In fact, He can do even more. He can help you sort things out and bring many blessings on yours and on your friends lives, bringing to your hearts joy and confidence that your prayers are answered. Do you know who I am talking about?"

And they both answered, "Yes, you are talking about Jesus. But how do we talk to Him?" And Mum explained all about prayer. 

Prayer is talking to God as you talk to a friend. He listens to you and never leaves you alone. Everytime you feel sad, lonely, angry, or are tempted to do something bad, talk to Him and ask Him to take that bad thought away. He will come to you and make you happy. He can also help you in difficult situations and even things that seem very hard, or even impossible to achieve. But you must take it seriously and use your faith. Remember to thank for all the good He brings to you and for being such a good and faithful friend!

Right there and then, Debbie and John got on their knees and prayed. Debbie started "Dear Lord Jesus, I am so sorry for not talking to you when I had the chance. But from now on, I want to be close to You. Please, heal my friend Laura who is in Hospital in a lot of pain. Help me to be a better child from now on...."

And John continued, "Yes, Lord Jesus, I know my behavior is not pleasing you. Please, help me to change and be a good boy, so that I don't get into trouble in school anymore. I want to be an example, and have You living in my life forever and ever! Amen!"

After the prayer, they felt immediately lighter and happy, as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. The next day, Debbie received a phone call from Laura saying that she was recovering fast and she was about to go home. And eventually, John was no longer in trouble in school and was now giving good examples to his friends. Do you see how prayer works?

Points to emphasize:                                                         

  1. Anything you ask in Jesus name, He will do it for you.  Nothing is impossible, but you need to ask good things, and not bad things.
  2. Prayer is talking to God as you talk to a friend. You must be respectful, but sincere.
  3. When you or someone you love is in trouble, ask for God's help in prayer.

Suggested activities and discussion: 

  • Who here has a testimony of the power of prayer?
  • Who can remember people of the Bible who prayed and saw great miracles and wonders?
  • What are the things you should or should not ask in prayer? 
E.g: I should ask for blessings in my life, for family or friends, healing, ask for help with behaviour and studies, provision, ask for the good of people, etc...

I should NOT ask for bad things to happen to me or anyone else, and never ask for anything hurtful or naughty. I should not ask for things that, eventually, are going to bring me harm.

Secret Friend Prayer: 

Everybody knows that it is very important to pray for our friends. So this week, we are going to act on it! 

In a small piece of paper, everyone is going to write their names and a prayer request, fold it and put it in a box. Then, each child is going to pick one name and will be praying for this friend for the whole week. 

The next Sunday, there will be loads of testimonies, amen? 

And the Biblical Educators can also do this among themselves!

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