Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ju, Izak & Tronic - Team of Faith

Directions from 26th of Feb to 3rd of March

Hi friends!!! How are you today? Here we are again, today we will finish explaining about each member of our team of faith! Today you know who will we speak's easy isn't? There are only three left!!! Ehehe!

........First will be....... Ju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hello friends, my name's Ju and I'm 9 years old! I like to create things, such as little robots (eheheh Tronic!!!), I am very optimist, I am always positive about everything! I like when me and the Team make little parties! I love to spend time with them! 
You know what guys, I love to be part of this Team of Faith, we are so close to one another, we love helping one another, pray for one another, go to the CBC and learn about our Jesus, and then we practice everything that we learn between us! We like to make the difference, because that way, other people get to know Jesus! When we make the difference in a good way, we call other people attention, they want to follow our example, and God is glorified through this, as we are like this because of the Spirit of God inside of us!

Of course friends, there are things that we still have to change, we are not perfect, but we desire to be more like God! For example, do you know something that I need to change??? I will tell you... Sometimes I do not listen to my friends opinions, and I know that if I would, I could be even better, that's why I am working on it, and I can tell you, I am muuuuuuch better now! Hihihi

The secret is friends, when we DESIRE to be like God, He help us to get there, to be better and better everyday! 

Oh my... I spoke too much already!! Now you are going to meet Izak! 

Heeeelllooooooooo everyone!!!! Finally!!! I am so happy to meet you all! As Ju said, my name's Izak, I am 9 years old and everyone says I am very charismatic! Do you know what that means? Well, I a bit of a leader, a very fun one, everyone likes to be around me because I make them laugh and have a nice time, I make people feel welcomed to play with us, I am also always full of ideas, well the Holy Spirit inspires me!!! Ooohh How I love to be with Him!
I am very energetic, and I have my own way of dressing, I believe you noticed already that I do not stay without my hat on! I just loooooove it!

Dinho is my best friend, we both love Sports, so we play together a lot! It's very good to have talents, such as sport, that way we are able to play with many other boys from our schools, and we show them how we behave, in what we believe, we are just different, we want them to see that we want to be someone big one day! Everything that we learn in the CBC, we show it everywhere!!! 
I am always having ideas to entretain the Team in a way that we learn new things, we develop our skills, for example, we love to play games that involve dancing and singing, and it's also good because we do it for God! We have our own songs and dances, did you knew it??? may see it by yourself one day, who knows? We are already improving our English! Eheheh, see, when we improve our skills, we can go far, reach many more children, and they can learn from us! How good it is to be different, to be of God!

I never stop!!! I like to be always doing new things and be occupied, the Holy Spirit motivates me and inspires me everyday!

Ahh and I do not follow fashion from outside, I make my own! Who says that I have to dress like everyone else just to please others? I want to please God! :D

Ok Ok... Tronic is already telling me to stop writing so that he can have his turn eheheh... Bye friends, see you verrryyyyy soooon!!!

Hiiiiiiyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa CBC Friends!!! POin POiN!!!
My name is Tronic and I am a little Robot!!! I am full of surprises, I can do manyyy things!!! I can run, speak, jump, fly, touch (so I can tickle you ehhehe) I help the Team in all of their adventures and I just loooove it! I am one of the best inventions from our friend Ju! 

I love to be who I am, because I am different! I can do so many things, and I believe that when we belong to God, He help us to be someone who can do many different things, we are never limited! And even when we don't know how to do it, we are willing to learn!!! I am very happy because God can use me to help others, to make people laugh, and many more... So friends, what I want to pass to you today is that, love whom you are, because you are different! Be happy, God made you as you are so that you can be used by Him to bring love, joy, peace, kindness, good example, obedience to other children! God is amazing!!!

pOiN...PoIN!! We will see you again, now I want to stay close to you!!!! =P

Friends, now you know who we are!.... Who are we????!!! 

THE TEAM OF FAIIIIIIITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to be great friends! You are going to see us many times in your CBC, we will help you to learn more about Jesus and what we need to do to be His Light in this world!!! Are you with us???????


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