Saturday, 18 February 2012

Team of Faith - Levi and Lucy

Direction from the 19th to 25th of February.

Team of Faith: Good morning/afternoon/evening nicest friends of the world!!! How are you today? We are more than excited to be here with you again!!! Next week will be the last explanation from two of our friends in the Team of Faith... awww, we don't want it to end! We have to find an idea to come more often to you isn't it friends?
But for now...let's talk about two of us!!! Today we are very happy to present you our dears friend...Levi & Lucy!!!

Levi: Helloooooooooooo guys!!! I'm Levi!!! I'm very pleased to meet you. I'm almost 8 years old, I'm a musician and I'm always very helpful, I'm intelligent, strong and sometimes I don't pay much attention...
Friends, I always loved music, so God gave me an idea, "What about if I try to play a keyboard as well?", so I tried it, started to practice and now I play it much better, today I use it to play Team of Faith songs, meaning, I use it to Honor God, to bless other children! I believe that each one of us has a talent, or even more than one, and when we allow God to use us, asking Him to take all shyness and fear from us, we are used to bless others, we become an example. 

Now, think with me, remember when you gave a present to someone, it might have been a card or even a flower, and that person just said "thank you" but didn't really care for it? How did you feel? Like she/he didn't like your present isn't it? As if it had no value for them... The same is with God! When He gave you that talent that you have, if you don't use it, it shows that you don't value it, and He feels upset. So from now on, lets use our talents to Glorify His name ok?

Think of your talent and use it! As I told you before, sometimes I don't pay much attention, I can easily get distracted, but I do my best to pay attention to everything that people say so that I can learn from it, specially when I am in school or in the CBC, I love to learn new things that will help me to grow more intellectually and spiritually! And I always try hard to put everything in practice, and when I have the opportunity to show what I learnt, I make my teachers in school, my CBC Biblical Educators, my parents and God very pleased with me!

I believe that I can always do what people tell me to, I know how strong I am, I know my capacity, and you know why I am so confident??? Yes! That's right! The Holy Spirit lives in me!!! Even when I am afraid of something or think that there is someone else who is better than me, He tells me "You are special to me, you are my son!" and I love it!!!!  Now you will meet my friend Lucy!! Big hug to you friends!!! 

Lucy: Hiyaaa! Did you like my smile?? I'm the only one in the Team of Faith who uses braces! Lucy is my name and I'm 10 years old. I'm very protective, careful with everyone and everything. I love reading, and because of that, I got to know a little bit of everything. People are always saying how smart and intelligent I am! I am glad to hear it, but I watch out to keep my feet on the ground and don'd become too proud about it and start felling superior to others.

You know friends, sometimes people used to make fun of me because of the braces, and I would feel very upset, but when I met the Team of Faith, everyone showed that I was special the way I am! At the beginning I didn't understand how could they be so nice with me, but then with time I realized that, they were only showing the Love of God for me! In the Team of Faith I found true friends, who really love me, just like you find in the CBC... But you know what I found out as well? I found out that for me to have true friends, I must be one as well! 

Because if I make fun of other people, if I don't appreciate or upset them, how could I have true friends if I am not one? I learnt how to be a true friend, to love everyone the way they are, and now I receive the same love! This is amazing guys!!! God always puts in our way true friends, so let's look around and be grateful for those He put in our lives!

God has shown His love for me, and I need to share the same love! I love to cuddle, be close to people whom I love, help those who are in need, pray for everyone that I know and even for those who I don't know! I love to give out cards, flowers, make surprises, give gifts...aww I love to make people feel special! I am always there to help my friends and family!

Do you know how the love of God grows in me? By seeking His presence everyday. I see that He provides a house, food, clothes for me, He gave me parents who love me very much, and now...this Team of Faith who are like brothers and sisters!!! Is this not enough for me to be happy??? More than enough! Guys, look how much God has been doing for you, and let's share this love with everyone that we know!!!

Team of Faith: And do you think of some homework friends???

Let's show God's love for someone that we know? Your Biblical Educator will give you a paper with the name of a friend of yours, whom you will pray everyday of this week, asking God to protect him/her, helping them in everything that they might need, for their week to be blessed and for God to realize they hearts desires! Are you with us??????!!!!!

SO let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you again next week... :D


debbie said...

Hello all! I just wanted to share my experience in CBC. We were reading the story Of Levi and Lucy to the children during the lesson. As I began to read the story of Levi to the children, God spoke to ME so STRONG!!!! I realised that this us me! God also gave us biblical educators a talent too..... The question is, are we using our talent that He has given to us?!

Graziela Lima said...

Amen Debbie! Indeed that's a question we sincerely need to answer to our selfs , I am loving to learn from the Team of Faith also has added to me also, thanks for you comment ! Graziela Lima

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