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Sunday 5th February to Saturday 11th

Dear Biblical Educators, this month of February we are going to be introducing to the children the...

Team of Faith: Iupiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Hello Biblical Educators and little friends, we are so happy to come into your CBC Classes! Every week, we will be writing about ourselves, what we like to do, our characteristics, so then you can tell the children more about us! 
As we are 9, we will only be revealing about 2 of us per week. Hope we will enjoy it ;) let's see! Who wants to be first team?

Biel: Hello Biblical Educators from U.K. My name is Biel, gu-gu-da-da, and I'm only two years old. Everyone says that I have much imagination, I'm very loving and I'm Meggy's little brother. I am very happy to become your friend, I love to make new friends! :)

Dinho: Now me me me!!
Team of Faith: Ok then...

Dinho: Hello everyone!!! My name's Dinho and I'm 7 years old. We have someone in our team called Isaac, and I'm his best friend, we love to play together! I'm an excellent sportsman, I know everything about sports! And I'm the one who always calms down the team when there are arguments.
Does anyone of you like sports? What is your favourite one? I love football!

speak again! 
Bye for now friends...

How did you find Biel and Dinho Kids? 

Let's talk about Biel first...
Biel is only two years old, he is still a baby, who's learning how to speak! And by the way, he's doing very well isn't he guys?
Did you ever noticed that babies, they do not do things that displease God? You want to know why? Yes? Because they are pure! They do not know how to swear, lie, disobey, how to be think with me, why this might be. Do they watch T.V. programs that are not for their age? Do they listen to adult songs from the world outside? Do they read magazines? Do they play with friends who swear, lie, disobey? I don't think so!
They play, have fun, but in pure way, in a way that even pleases God! God is pure, so He likes when we are pure as well! This is how we have to be! Of course, according to our age, we can listen to songs from the church, read our Bible, play with our friends without following bad examples, we need to make the most out of it! We must spend time with our family, showing to them how much we love them, just as Biel is loving, we have to wake up in the morning, make our prayer and go to our mum and dad and give them that BIG good morning kiss. We should surprise them by saying we love them every now and then. They are very important to us, and we have many ways to do this, such as writing a card, go to their ear and tell them, help your mum to do the breakfast for daddy and write in the napkin that you love him, so many ways, respecting their instruction and decisions. When they say no, we don't trow tantruns or pull faces. We simply obey! I'm sure you can think of many more! 
Remember friends, there is time for everything, and we should not want to act older than we are, when we get older, we cannot go back.

Also, we must show to our friends that regardless of their skin colour, regardless of the way they dress, we love them the way they are! We have to make them feel happy, cared, loved, special, just like God does with us!

Ah guys, I learnt so much with Biel, let us see what Dinho can teach us...

Dinho has a great attitude of calming down the atmosphere in the team when there is discussions, different opinions, problems... 
You know when you are at home, and your mum or dad are upset with something, they are a bit stressed, and you wonder what you could do to help them? You just have to follow Dinho's example friends! If you obey them, offer your help with the house chores, if you go to them and ask what you could do to help them, or even if you surprise them with a kiss, hug, a card, you will be bringing light, peace and tranquility to them! Some of you might say "Ah, but I've done that before and they did not even say thank you." You know what? You made the difference in their day! 

The same thing happens when a friend of yours makes you feel upset, we should not respond in the same way
 we have to show the difference just like our friend Dinho!

Did you noticed that he has a talent? Which one is it??? Yes, football! Each one of you has a talent as well, maybe your talent is to play a sport, or play a musical instrument, or even to do something with your hands such as crafts... But maybe sometimes you are afraid of showing it, you feel that it's not that good, or there is people who do it better, you feel shy to show it to others, you just don't feel confident! But did you see what Dinho said "I'm an excellent sportsman!" See friends, he is so confident abut his talent, he uses his talent by playing with Izak, and by doing this he's always improving! Guys, you cannot be shy or afraid if there is someone else better than you, no! You are precious to God, and if He gave you that talent, is for you to use it, by doing this you will be blessing others, imagine how many children will feel valued and happy for you practicing your talent with them? Of course, you must not use your talents to make anyone feel less than you, but you can help other to find their talents! I believe that by doing this God will be very pleased with you, and you will feel great!!!

Let's follow their example friends!!!

 Allow children to express what they have in common with Dinho and Biel. 
Ask questions such as:
"Who here has a younger brother or sister like Biel?" ; 
"Do you show love to your friends and family?" ; 
"Tell us something that you did for your mum or dad, that showed how much you loved them." ; 
"How do you show to your friends that you care for them?" ; "How do you show to God that you love Him?".

What about Dinho:
Who here has a talent? And what is your talent?
How have you been using your talent?
Who here has a best friend? What is his/her name?
What is your favourite sport?

Friends, let's do something special this week to surprise our parents and a friend of ours.
What could we do? Write a card? Wake up early and prepare their breakfast? Give them a kiss and a hug in the morning? Find a nice way to tell them how much we love them?

And not forgetting our songs of the week to learn:

0 to 3 year olds: Father Abraham

4 to 10 year olds: I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N

May God bless you all!

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KeeleyRose said...

I really like the Team of Faith, they are a very good example to all the children we can learn a lot from them.

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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