Friday, 3 February 2012

TF Teen Lesson

 Lesson for 5th February 2012 

Biblical reference: "Now after six days Jesus took Peter, James and John his brother and led them up on a high mountain by themselves; and He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light." Matthew (17:1)

Purpose of the meeting: Today we are going to teach the pre-teens about having a TRANSFORMATION in their lives, we will be doing this by using the example of the transfiguration of Jesus, when the Lord Jesus took some of his disciples up to the mountain and appeared to them transfigured into His glorified being. We are going to teach the pre-teens that they too can be transformed, although many areas of their lives can be transformed today we will be focusing on one important area that they can transform which is their character.

Initiating the meeting: Start off with an opening prayer asking the Holy Spirit to take control of our meetings and that through us He may speak directly inside of the hearts of each junior.

Activity: listed below are the names of some famous people who have been transformed in a negative way. These people went to the extreme to transforming themselves and others were influenced to be transformed in a negative way. You can get pictures of how these people were before and after, if you think of other people that you know were transformed in a negative way feel free to include them also.

Lil’ Kim, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga etc

Aim: to open the eyes of the pre-teens; if people are willing to go to extreme to be transformed in a negative way we too must be willing to be transformed in a positive way.

Spiritual Message: Transfigure means to transform or in more simple terms it means to change! Many of the pre-teens want to change and recognise that there are things they need to change, that they need to stop or even start doing. Some say they want to change but are not willing to stop doing certain things, so we are going to challenge themselves this month to be different.

Explain to the pre-teens about the transfiguration of Jesus. When Jesus was transfigured He changed completely and everything about Him was Light, was shining, was pure and there was no darkness at all, this is also what happens when we change completely. We become new, full of good things, light and all that is dark (the bad things that we used to do, say and are) goes away.

The pre-teens should understand that when we make a decision to be different, we change. 

Conclusion:  We are in the month of transformation, ARE YOU READY TO BE TRANSFORMED? (this is the question we will ask) Our aim is to encourage the juniors to seek a transformation in a positive way. At this present moment many of them are being influenced to be transformed in a negative way, by friends, music they listen to, what they watch on T.V. We have to do the opposite and influence them to be TRANSFORMED through the Holy Spirit. Let us introduce the subject of transformation this week and teach them that in the same way people are willing to be transformed in a negative way we must be willing to be transformed in a positive way. As Jesus was transfigured, God spoke from heaven confirming that that was His son whom He is well pleased with (Matt 17:5). When we become transformed, God confirms that He is pleased with us, with our new character, our new behaviour, our new way of thinking etc.

Seek the Spirit of Transformation with the pre-teens – the Holy Spirit is the one who causes us to be transformed, when we seek Him with a desire to change to leave behind all the bad things He gives us strength to be different!

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