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TFteen Lesson from 12th to 18th Feb

Lesson for 12th February 2012

Be Tansformed – PART II

Purpose of the meeting: Today we are going to follow up from the lesson of last week where we began speaking about being transformed, we spoke about how the teens can be transformed and the importance of a transformation, we gave examples of people who were transformed in a negative way and we used the transfiguration of the Lord Jesus to explain how the teens can become before and after a transformation. We finished off by giving the teens a chance to identify what needs to change within them and how they too can be transformed.

Initiating the meeting: Start of with an opening prayer.

Activity: we will start of with the activity where you will need a bag of lemons and a bottle of lemonade (and plastic cups)
You need to prepare a large tray of lemons cut into small segments (enough for every teen to pick one up) and also prepare enough plastic cups full of lemonade (enough for each teen in the meeting)
Each teen will first pick up a small segment of the lemon and take a little taste of it, and then after everyone has tasted the lemon they will then take a drink of the lemonade - then you can ask the teens what was the difference between the two – what can they clearly see between the lemon and the lemonade – which one do they prefer? When they think about the taste of both of them which one brings back a good feeling which one brings back a bad one?

Aim: this example is to better explain to the teens how a transformation takes place and how the person needs to be before and after a transformation.

Spiritual Message: a (Transfiguration) or Transformation in their lives will be the same as the example given with the lemon – an example that you can use is that of Jacob (from Jacob to Israel) Jacob conquered it all in life, a wife, children, prosperity but he still lacked one thing a transformation and he saw that he needed it so badly he was even ready to fight with God for a new life a new name.
You can invite the teens to analyse themselves to see how are they now are they like the lemon or the lemonade, the lemon looks nice on the outside but when you take a bite you taste all its bitterness, have they been like the lemon, have they been nice on the outside but on the inside they have been carrying grudges, anger, sadness etc, how can they become like a lemonade?
How can they be transformed – you will explain to the teens that a transformation first happens with the recognising that they need to change, once they done this they need to be ready to work on this change and thirdly to rely on God to help them to bring about this change, This is why the Holy Spirit is available, to help us with our weaknesses and to bring about this true transformation inside of us.
We need to seek the Holy Spirit whole heartedly as only He can bring this transformation but it depends on us.

Conclusion: We are still in the month of transformation and we need to pass on this Spirit to the teens that they too can be transformed, and what will their offering be, for them to start working on the things that they identified that
You can hand out a piece of paper where the teens will write down what they need to work on, they can stick it on their mirror, door or anywhere that they will see it and each day this month they will be asking the Holy Spirit to help them to be transformed, when they see this list each morning it will act as a reminder of the things that they said that they will work on.

At the end of the month you should ask for testimonies regarding the transformation.

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