Friday, 23 March 2012

It's all about...Faith!

Verse to Memorize

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1

Objective of the lesson

Faith is hard to explain because it’s spiritual and we can’t see it, so to illustrate it and make it easy for the children to understand here’s an idea:

Place several random and common household items into a bag. Have the children sit in a circle on the floor. The children should put blindfolds on and take turns pulling items out of the bag and guessing what they are by feel only. They might know that an apple is an apple, yet they cannot prove it without sight. They simply have faith that they know what they are touching. Likewise, they will know a cotton ball when they feel it because they have had experience with cotton balls in the past and have faith that they are experiencing the same thing. Explain to the children that our faith in God is much like faith in understanding the items in the bag. While we cannot see God with our eyes, our experiences with God help us to have faith and identify that God is working in our lives.

A Story of Faith

Many people who lived in Galilee wanted to see Jesus. They had heard about his first miracle in Cana, where he turned water into wine, and they had also heard about his teachings and his miracles performed in Jerusalem during the Feast of the Passover.

 Now when he left Sychar and returned with his disciples to their country, the news of his coming spread rapidly from one city to another, and the Galilean people hoped he would come to their cities and perform miracles among them, too.

But one man did not wait until Jesus should come to his home city before going out to see him. This man lived in Capernaum, a city that had been built on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. He was one of the rulers in that city, and he was also called a nobleman. In the eyes of the poor who lived near his home he was a great man indeed; for he did not despise them, as did many of the rulers of the Jews.

Sorrow had come into the home of this nobleman, his little son lay sick with a burning fever, and the doctors could not make him well. Hearing of Jesus, the nobleman decided to seek this wonderful prophet and beg him to come to Capernaum to heal his child. So he left his home one night and hurried to Cana, where Jesus was.

When the nobleman found the place where Jesus was stopping, he called to see the wonderful prophet of Galilee. He told Jesus about his sick child lying at home at the point of death, and he asked Jesus to go with him to Capernaum to heal the child.

But Jesus answered, "Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe that I am sent of God."
The nobleman was very much in earnest. He cried out, "Sir, if you do not come down at once, my little son will be dead when we reach home."

 Then Jesus spoke kindly to this distressed father. He said, "Return to your home without me, for your son will not die."

 The nobleman believed Jesus' words and turned back to Capernaum. He did not fear any longer that death would snatch his dear child away from his loving care, for Jesus had said that the child should be well again.

 When he came near to Capernaum, his servants came to meet him with glad tidings. They said, "Your son is no longer sick."

"At what time," asked the nobleman, "did he begin to get well?

 And the servants replied, "His fever left him yesterday at the seventh hour of the day."

The ruler knew that Jesus had spoken to him at that very hour, and he believed surely that it was the power of this prophet that had saved the life of his child. Not only this nobleman, but his entire household, too, believed in Jesus when they heard about the healing of the sick boy.

As you can see, the nobleman believed. He had faith! He could not see it yet with his physical eyes, but he believed and the miracle happened! Let’s all do the same!


1-"Vitamins for your faith"

  • Choose a jar and decorate it nicely
  • Inside it, place little papers with the following written on it: "Tell a friend about Jesus", "Pray for your teachers", "pray for a friend", "read a verse of your Bible", "pray for your parents", "pray for someone that hurt you".
  • Each child will take one and will pray about it and will use their faith. 

2- Write a list

  • Write a list of things that you need faith to conquer and post it on your   notice board! Take photos and ask your pastor's wife to send it to us!


maya keyes said...

This lesson for today is excellent. Now its a good opportunity for the children to really know what Faith is and how to use it!


Jhaun-Neiki kk Josephs said...

I really do like this shows that even from a very young age the children can be taught about faith.

The activity looks really nice and I love the title VITAMINS OF FAITH... so nice and God will bless all the C.B.C's who are giving their all to help the children through theses activities and message..

Jhaun-neiki Josephs
London, England

Nadia Da Silva said...

yupeeeeeeeeeeeee, teaching the children about faith.. what a great lesson it will be, cause i'm sure some of our children heard about faith but don't knw it yet how to use it.. so this lesson plan is simple, objective and very helpful.. and how wonderful is to be teaching the children about one of our strongest weapons that God gave to us; our faith... God bless all the (BE) IN THE WHOLE WORLD.. our work is special..

Susan Yeboah said...

The Jar looks very lovely and creative I really like this lesson.

Susan Yeboah said...

The children really enjoyed the lesson and so did I. they were great at guessing the things in the bag I thought it would be harder for them I even had to spin them around to try and make it more difficult lol. One child said it was one of the best lessons they hard and at the end all the children understood the message it was great!

Susan - Southall x

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