Monday, 26 March 2012

UK Biblical Educator's Event Highlights!

This event had the main objective to make a follow up of the CBC work development, recapping all the plans we have established on our first CBC meeting, also to launch new plans such as the CBC Bright Kids Bright Future Event (Targets to bring up donations- See Official Logo of the Event below), so that all CBC can be able to purchase all the furniture to all the branches, also Events of the year, and as well the TF Teen projects.

The meeting was  divided in 3 parts:

1. CBC Plans Recap, Team of Faith presentation, emphasize the Children's Biblical Centre, Biblical Educators, Babies Room new names. Also the announcements of the events of the Year, the CBC Got Talent, and as well the B.E A+ event, we have as well launched the first "Educators Magazine" of April and the posters. We have displayed some verse to memorize techniques, and emphasized the importance of the "Retelling Project" , and final we have launched the Biblical Educator Anthem (Song) of UK.

2. On the second part of our event we got the opportunity to speak about the work organization, the need of each branch to raise a PA, also we explained about the new forms, blue folder, the new book parents sing in register and the tickets and as well the children's aprons, and final we have presented the new CBC Uniform (so beautiful, elegant, and as well comfortable) for all Biblical Educators and we have announced the prices as well.

3. And for the final part of our event we have separated this special moment to speak about the TF teen projects, TF Teen party, and as well the TF Teen Anthem (Song) official.

"Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think of anything as being from ourselves , but our sufficiency is from God, who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new convent,   not of letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, BUT THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE. 

2Continth 3:5,6.

Enjoy the best pictures of our team of faith and also of the event!

CBC Leadership

Hey Biblical Educators! Share here your views about the Event, let us all know how was this special meeting for you, just leave your comment here below!

The team of faith and all of us will be excited and curious to know your views!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved it, How exciting it is to see the developments taking place.

Diane - Willesden Green

Susan Yeboah said...

The meeting was great1 It was soo special I had soo much fun and I learnt a lot. There is real pasison in the CBC and I know God is going to honour all our work. Oh yes and the songs are Great! x

KeeleyRose said...

I loved the meeting and seeing the Team of Faith being brought to life. It was very practical we have received the direction of what we need to do in our CBC's this year and the tools are being provided to us. Am very happy CBC is going to another level one step at a time. Kisses to all the CBC team

Fay, London UK said...

I thought the meeting was vey informative and I was very impressed with all the effort and hard work put in to making CBC a great place for children to learn and be creative.
Well done to you all!
CBC Catford

Jene said...

We thought it was fantastic and it helped us to see things differently, as God have given us to do; to save little souls. It gives us a great opportunity to do the work of God and to grow spiritually. We look forward to the next one in BIRMINGHAM BULLRING!!!!!!!

ligiashigeoka said...

This meeting was wonderful! A lot of work were done to bless those who are joing the CBC team!

Children Biblical Centre presents...

Children Biblical Centre presents...

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