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CBC Lesson from 17th to 23rd of June


Psalms 25.14, John 11.1-46; 12.1-8

Teach the children that Jesus is our friend and will always take care of us.


 “The LORD confides in those who fear Him...” (Psalms 25.14)

Biblical Educator, Start the class asking: Who here has a friend? Wait for their participation and ask a kid: What is his/her name? What would you do if this friend needs your help? (Wait for the kid’s answer). You would help or would ask somebody to help, right? In today’s story we will talk about two sisters who really needed the help of a friend. This friend was very special to them. Did He help them? Let’s find out?

LAZARUS, MARTHA and Mary were brothers. They had a very special friend who did wonderful miracles; do you know who I’m talking about? (Wait for their participation) Jesus! That’s right, they were friends of Jesus.
One day, Lazarus was sick, his sisters were very worried and sent word to Jesus that His great friend was very ill. When Jesus received the news He said to the disciples that because of that sickness the power of God would be manifested and many would praise His name.
The Lord Jesus, even knowing that Lazarus was very sick, after receiving the news, still remained a little longer at that place. After two days, He called the disciples and said that He would go to Lazarus to wake him up for he was sleeping. Little friends, the disciples thought that Lazarus was really sleeping but Jesus explained that he was dead and would be resurrected.
Some people went to the house of Martha and Mary to comfort them because they were really sad. When Mary knew that Jesus had arrived she ran to Him and, grieved, Mary said that if Jesus were with them her brother would not be dead. Jesus said for her to trust God for Lazarus would live again. She believed  those words and went to tell her sister that Jesus had arrived.
Mary cried when she saw Jesus and said the same thing Martha said: if You were here earlier then nothing like this would have happened. The Lord Jesus was very sad and even cried for Lazarus was His friend. After that, Jesus went to the place where Lazarus was buried and He directed them to remove the stone sealing the entrance of the tomb. In those time the dead were buried in caves that were sealed by big stones. Getting to the entrance of the tomb, Jesus shouted: Lazarus, come out! Immediately he emerged from the tomb with his feet, hands and face wrapped with stripes of fabrics. Jesus told them to unwrap and take him home.
What a great joy, a true miracle! Jesus resurrected Lazarus, His friend.


Martha, Mary and Lazarus were friends of Jesus and, when they needed a miracle, He answered. If we obey Jesus, he will always be our friend and will never leave us, and what is written in Psalms 25.14 (read in the Bible the verse for the kids) will be fulfilled, Amen!


Biblical Educator, take to the class a picture of a visually impaired athlete (blind) beside his/her guide, competing in a race (an easy picture to be found on the website). Start the class by saying the following: Who here watched a race on TV or saw it in a stadium? (Wait for their participation). Athletes work hard to complete the race before the other competitors because everyone wants to be winners, right? They have good nutrition, health care and train a lot. But did you know that there are blind athletes? That's right; they compete in various tournaments and Paralympics, which are the Olympics where people who have some kind of special need compete.

Observe that this athlete (show the picture) is running beside another person. They are called guides or sighted companion. They help the runner during the race and, at this moment, the guide should stay next to his athlete, he cannot abandon him, nor get away from him. They must cross the finish line together.

Children, giving this example I remembered something very interesting. Jesus is just like that, just as the guide, because when we are tested and go through a problem He is always beside us and never leaves us, Do you know why? (Wait for their participation) Because He loves us, He is our great Friend and never leaves us alone. If we ask something, He answers us so His name is glorified. The same as He did when He resurrected His friend Lazarus. Who here is a friend of Jesus say “I am”.

Biblical Educator, end up memorizing the verse of the week with the kids and ask them to tell you about the times when they needed the help of Jesus and He helped them.


Age 2-3
SUNDAY-Painting and sticking. Paint pretty well and glue pieces of twine on the stripes over the body of Lazarus.
MONDAY-Modeling. Distribute modeling clay to the kids and ask them to make Lazarus from the story. Biblical Educator, interact and create with them.
WEDNESDAY-Colouring. Lazarus and his sisters were friends of Jesus. Using thick crayons paint it well. 

Age 4-7
SUNDAY-Memorise the verse. Lazarus and his sisters were friends of Jesus. Paint, glue paper on their dresses and then memorise the verse.
Biblical Educator, distribute pieces of paper to the class and, at the end, talk about the verse.
MONDAY- Declaration of love. Paint and glue glitter on the letters, then glue straw on the frame. Biblical Educator, distribute plastic straw to the kids.
TUESDAY-Paint the scene. Lazarus was very sick and his sisters sent for Jesus. WEDNESDAY 23/11 Activity. Jesus called Lazarus and he resurrected. Paint, cut and play with your friends. Biblical Educator, help the kids in need.
THURSDAY-Free activity.
FRIDAY-Complete the story. Draw in the white square the end of the story.
SATURDAY-Tic-tac-toe. Biblical Educator, create questions related to the story. Start this game splitting the class in two groups, Ask each group to choose their symbol and ask them. The group who hits, wins the right to mark his symbol on the board.

Age 8-10

SUNDAY-Discover the errors. Lazarus was sick and his sisters sent word for Jesus. Discover the errors in the scene.
 MONDAY-Declaration of love. Paint and glue glitter on the letters, then glue straw on the frame. Biblical Educator, distribute plastic straw to the kids.
TUESDAY-Hunting words. Search in the table for the following words. WEDNESDAY 23/11 Making art. Paint, cut and glue on a piece of cardboard. Then set up and play.
THURSDAY-Dramatization. Divide the class in groups of four members and ask them to stage the story of Lazarus.
FRIDAY- Complete the message. Follow the arrow and complete the message. Jesus is our…, and will always take care of us.
SATURDAY-Town, country, river. Divide the class into groups of four. Choose a representative for each group and tell them to put their hands back and when you say “go”, they should show how many fingers they wish (Biblical Educator, just like town, country, river). According to the number of fingers, it will be the letter chosen for that round of the game. For example: let’s say the number of fingers is seven the representative put up, so the letter of the alphabet will be the seventh: G. After choosing the letter, the groups will say the words in the bible with the letter G, it can be books, characters, food, etc.

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