Monday, 11 June 2012

Does Appareance Matters in our CBC?

When we give our best to what God has in trusted to us,  thinking of every detail even though it may not seem as important to many who are even part of this work, but do not have a global vision, a vision to earn the respect of society lower or high, the community,  the government, respected professionals, or even those who are of faith. Do you know that we are heard when we have peoples' respect? And if to be heard we must take care of our appearance in order that we have peoples' respect, so why not give our best into it?

"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."
Romans 10:16-18 

I am addressing the appearance of our CBC Rooms, we should always be taking care of every detail, even if we don't have many furniture's yet, but always make sure it is all presentable as possible, clean and organised , ready to receive any visit or inspection at any time, the presentation is indispensable!

Chairs that do not have desks yet in the rooms, for a good presentation having them in a circle or diagonal shape and all well aligned gives a final touch in the rooms, and for those classes that has all furniture or many different furniture,  yet should leave everything lined up at the end of each class, and all of us should emphasise the same rules among ourselves, that after each class we must wipe the dust away from furniture with a good smelling wood product or Mr Sheen that leaves a wonderful fragrance in the air, sweep and mop the floor, wipe away fingerprints from the windows, this are indispensable tips, and finally check the toilets of the children, replace the "toilet paper" leaving already prepared for the next class, and of course while you are at it you might as well leave it clean also .

A helpful reminder is to have a checklist in each class with some quick basic tasks that can be done by any B.E in their spare time maybe in 15 minutes or so, in this list have available check boxes next to each task for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and 5, doing so any B.E can tick away from the box a basic tasks done, like:

Put in order the toys-
Clean Windows-
CD and DVD back in it's covers-
Sharper the pencils-
Align Tables and Chairs-
Mop the floor-
Wipe the furniture-
Organise the bookshelf- 
Wash the kids dishes-
Keep in order the dishes in the cupboard-
Organise the cleaning cupboard-
Have Lessons of the week placed in the class-
Have Tithes and Offering envelopes organised in the classes- 

And so on...

It is worthwhile to give our best in caring for our classes, because if tomorrow we may receive "an authority of this world" who has children but in order to be part of our church must first confirm if the environment where his child will be is enjoyable, even if it is simple but well organised and harmonised .

Our CBC here in England in Newcastle Upon Tyne - In the North of the country, still do not have many resources, but after participating in a training course provided by Brazil soon it came the idea,

"Let's change the environment of our classes and make it to be more CBC like, a place of prayer and to hear the word of God, even doing everything simple, but with very much love and dedication, the Educators were motivated to "shorten up their sleeves" and "revamp" the small classrooms, and the impact on children was the reward, they loved it! And they are even more proud of being part of our CBC, and understanding much more now that they are not only in a classroom, but in a biblical centre where they can learn and pray to God.

But soon all the branches of the country here in UK will be standardised with the same furniture, we are already placing orders from our Official Standard Catalogue and many of our selected item are also followed from the Standard Brazil uses that is very beautiful!

B.E A+ and in Action, See, Practice and Share!

If you have chairs as our and you would like to order this beautiful chair covers please contact our Team and we will provide it to your CBC!

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Sibon Phiri said...

In a way, the appearance of our class rooms speaks a lot about the kind of people we are; whether we are organised, careless etc.

Thanks for the post I will share with the others because its very important.

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