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CBC Lesson from 1st to 7th of July

Psalms 92.1

Teach children that we should always please God.

“It is good to praise the LORD…” (Psalms 92.1)

Start this moment saying to the class: Kids, there are two words that you certainly already learned and will use it all your life. I will give you a hint: it is something we say every time we gain something. (Wait their participation). That’s right, the words are thank you! We learned these special words during our childhood and we never forget it again, right? We will use it every time we need it. Raise your hand who here says thank you when you get something, receive a complement or someone does a favor to you? However, did you know that there is someone who deserves to hear our thank you every single day? Do you know whom I am talking about? Let’s find out listening today’s story.

ONCE UPON a time there was a 9 years old girl called Julia; she had a 10 years old brother called George. Julia was snooty and liked to mistreat people because she was too proud of herself. George, however, was different from his sister. Mrs. Marsha and Mr. Richard, their parents, had accepted Jesus recently and were happy in the house of God. However, kids, but it was not always this way. Before they were converted, there were many problems in that family, and therefore their almost lost their jobs, cars, home, and because of the lack of money to afford the school fees, almost Julia and George changed schools.
Julia knew the problems that the family had faced, but was still snooty and proud. The girl kept saying that her father was so smart and her family was blessed and she spent time telling the girls in the about the luxurious things she had in her home.
One day, at lunch time, Mr. Richard made a prayer thanking God for the food and for the blessings in their lives. Julia thought her father's attitude different because they were not used to pray before lunch, because they were newly converted. Then she said:
- Dad, you went to the supermarket with mom, shopped and paid with your money; mom prepared the food, so why should we pray thanking God?
- My daughter, do not say that again! Said Mr. Richard. All we have is God who has given us, and did not allow us to lose anything, so we thank Him forever. God is everything to us, and we thank Him for health, food and, finally, for all the comfort that we have, said Julia’s father. The girl was very ashamed.

Julia did not know how God is important to us and began to change from that day on. Children, it is wonderful to praise and thank God and, by doing so, we let Him very happy because we recognize that He is everything in our lives. In the Word of God it is written: “It is good to praise the LORD…” So, if you were not used to thank God, then thank Him every day.

Educator, take to the class pictures of backpacks, school lunchbox, umbrella, books, notebooks, pencils, plate, vase and pillow. Stick some masking tape behind each picture; put them on the board or cardboard. Ask a kid to go to the front of the class to participate. Start by saying the following: let’s say that you (point to the kid) are packing this backpack (take this picture and put it separated from the others) to go to school; what of these objects would you put inside it? (Put near the backpack pictures of the objects mentioned by the kid). Educator, observe if it will mention the umbrella and continue your explanation:
Class, there are some objects here (point to the board where the pictures are) that you would not take to school because there is no need of that, right? For example, the plate, the vase, the pillow. However, there is one object that we do not always remember it but, when it starts to rain, we realize how much we miss it. Do you know what am I talking about? (Wait their participation). The umbrella, that’s right! There are people who forget to put it in the bag, but when the weather changes and it rains, they quickly remember it.
Children, we cannot treat our God the same way people do with the umbrella.
Many people remember God only when they need Him, when there is something wrong or when they are facing a problem. We should remember God daily and thank Him every day. Little friends, He is everything in our lives, without Him we are nothing and it is He who gives us life, health, keeps us safe and protected, that’s why we should thank and praise Him at all times.
Educator, make a prayer of acknowledgment with the kids and then memorize
the verse using the poster of the week.


Liliana Ferreira said...

This is great, I can not wait to teach this to the class..... also i found this link it is really good for the young cbc girls to play with ..



Sibon Phiri said...

I am with the CBC 6 to 10 year olds this Sunday and I look forward to teaching them this lesson.

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