Friday, 22 June 2012

Meet the CBC Team- Tania Rei

Tania Rei is a Volunteer in the CBC Team and she works as a UK Head Leader Personal Assistant - PA, we first met in Newcastle Upon Tyne and when I got to know her I quickly notice that it was not gonna be a easy task to be able to help her and work together, as she was very, but very shy, and due to the shyness very dependent to be told what to do, and all the opposite of me that so bubbly would come with so many different ideas and inspirations and when sharing or asking her opinions frustrating she did not give any or did add anything about it.

It is really hard to work with shy people, and as a Volunteer of the CBC specially if you are a Leader  or having a responsibility within the CBC Team you must "think outside the box" and get out of your own Word to be able to add and contribute to this work, whilst knowing your place but boldly gaining your space to be able to contribute!

When you are shy in CBC you are been selfish!

Thinking only about you, what people might say or get wrong from you, you, you, you, all all about you!

It took us some time to finally connect and be part of the CBC puzzle! But when we finally connect the work simply flowed so much that we both wore able to work together in the very hard part "I consider" of the CBC, the structure.

Been connected she learned that her opinion always would be valued, and she learned how and when to bring them, she became a bold and independent PA, and made it so easy our work together!

I loved to work with her, and now that she is the blessing she will be able to bless anyone and anywhere else that she is going, and I will miss her so much, so much, but now is time for changes and it includes the change of the UK-PA, I will be introducing to you our very dear new UK- PA that I am already loving,  in the next post!

CBC UK Head Leader,
Graziela Lima.



Aneeka K said...

Amen! I can understand how difficult it must of been for Tania at the beginning, but looking at her today I would of never thought she was like that.
I really thank God for her change and determination, it inspires me

To "Be the Blessing"

Flower :)

Zarete Silva said...

It's so funny because I heard this message a couple of days back. I realized that we are put there to give and everything we do must be thinking about what we are providing. I love the work of the CBC, a work that teaches, prunes, guides and always bears fruit. God bless this work and those in it ALWAYS! Can't wait to find out who the new PA is. X

Liliana Ferreira said...

That is really nice, but it just show me that anyone can change the moment they decide too,

Lots of Kisses to Tania working with her is a true inspiration xxx

Charlotte said...

This was really interesting Mrs Graziella its so true shyness is selfishness. I too used to be so shy that I couldn't do anything without fearing what people are going to think and if they would accept me. But I overcame it when I understood that its not all about me and that I was being self-centered. But God transformed me and has been helping me to become bold and courageous so that I can be a useful instrument in His hands :-)

Sibon Phiri said...

Haaving had spoken to Tania a few times of Facbeook, I would never had known she was very shy. It just goes to show how God can change a person when they are willing to be changed. I am sure she will bless many through her experience as a PA. I look forward to meeting the new CBC PA.

Sandra Ulume said...

Thats it Tania we can only but learn and what we learn we can certainly use it to benefit others.

All the best where ever you go remain in faith as the war continues

Sandra Ulume said...

Thats it! Tania the CBC has only but moulded you stronger for the war.

Greater things in store for you

God bless you the war continues....

See you :)

Tania said...

Hello ladies! Thank you for your care! I can deff say that working in the CBC Team helped me to grow a lot, I learnt so much, I left my comfort zone, due to this I know that God can count with me for greater things!
It has been a pleasure to work with you all! :)

Be THE blessing!

Love xxx

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