Friday, 8 June 2012

CBC Activities from 10th to 16th of June


Biblical Educator, for this moment you will need three empty bags of popcorn and also cookies, candy and popcorn. Fill a bag with cookies, another with candy and another with popcorn. Close it well so the class does not see what there is inside (prepare everything before the kids arrive).
Start the fun chat by saying: What's in these bags? (Point to them and wait for their participation). They will certainly say that there is popcorn inside the bags. Let’s see if there is popcorn inside this bag? (Open the first bag and show them the content). There are cookies inside. Let’s see what there is inside the second bag (show them the candy and see their reaction). Are you surprised? Although it is written popcorn, inside this one we do not have popcorn, we have candy. Biblical Educator, open the last bag, show them the content and say: At last, a bag with popcorn, right? We could only know what was in these bags when we opened and looked inside them. It does not help what is written if there was something different inside them, isn’t it?
Children, did you know that many people are just like these two bags? (Show the first and the second bag). Do you know why? They have the name of a christian but the Lord Jesus is not inside them. We should never forget that God knows everything, He sees us all the time, He knows our thoughts and sees what is inside our hearts. It's no use pretending that the person is of God and, in secret, keeps lying, swearing, disobeying, etc. God sees all and knows who truly belongs to Him, understand?
Biblical Educator, write the verse on the board or write parts of it on office paper and stick with adhesive tape on the wall (so the class can read). Do not forget to write the biblical reference (prepare everything before starting the class), then memorise the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse of the week.
2. Explain the meaning of it.
3. Ask them to close their eyes, then erase (if it is written on the board) some words of the verse or if it is written on papers then take one away. Ask them to read the full verse, (they will say a part is missing). Tell them to read it anyway.
Then ask them to close their eyes again and erase or take away other words.
4. Continue until there is nothing else to read, then ask them to say the full verse. 

Finish singing the song:

O be careful little eyes what you see
O be careful little eyes what you see
There's a Father up above
And He's looking down in love
So, be careful little eyes what you see
O be careful little mouth what you say
O be careful little mouth what you say
There's a Father up above
And He's looking down in love
So, be careful little mouth what you say
(Continue the song talking about the other parts of the body like hands, ears,
feet, etc).

Little friends, Luke learned that only God has the power to know everything and there is no way of hiding anything from Him for His eyes see everything. You see, class! God is always with us, that’s why we should be kind and obedient, understood?
Age 2-3
SUNDAY-Painting and learning. Paint pretty well and repeat the verse with the Biblical Educator.
MONDAY-Drawing. Biblical Educator, distribute office paper and ask the children to draw Luke from the story.
WEDNESDAY-Decorating the frame. Paint Luke, glue little balls of crepe paper on the frame.
Age 4-7
SUNDAY-Paint the scene. We learned today that God is the only one who sees and knows everything.
MONDAY-Secret word. Write the initial letter of the pictures and find out the name of The One who knows and sees everything.
TUESDAY-Remembering. Luke learned with his grandma that God knows and sees everything.
WEDNESDAY-Memory game. Luke was very happy in learning about the power of God. Paint, cut and play.
THURSDAY-Drawing. Biblical Educator, distribute white paper and ask the kids to draw the part of the story they most like.
FRIDAY-Door warning. Paint, cut and memorise the verse of the week.
SATURDAY-Answer. Biblical Educator, write on pieces of paper some questions related to this week’s story then put them in a basket. Take also to the class a radio and a gospel CD. Turn on the music (low sound), arrange the kids in circle and ask them to pass the basket around. The assistant Biblical Educator will (suddenly) stop the music. The kid who is holding the basket at this moment should take a paper and answer the question. Read it for the illiterate children.
SUNDAY-Expanding. Luke learned that God knows and sees everything. Reproduce the scene in the blank square.
MONDAY-Puzzle. We learned today that God is the only one who knows and sees everything. Paint, cut and set up the scene.
TUESDAY-Which is the right shadow? Today we learned that God knows all things. Paint and wrap the right shadow.
WEDNESDAY-True or False. Mark T for true and F for false. Justify the false alternatives.
THURSDAY-Free activity.
FRIDAY-Discovering the verse. Follow the arrows and discover the verse.
SATURDAY-Pass it on. Write on pieces of paper some questions referring to the story of the day and then put it in a basket. Take also a radio and a gospel CD. Arrange the kids in circle and pass the basket among them. When the music stops, the kid who has the basket should take a paper and read the question. He/she can answer the question or pass it on to the next kid. Whoever answers it wrong leaves the circle.



Lobeh Conteh said...

The lesson and reflections with regards to the 'power of the tongue' was very strong and the children caught the spirit analysing themselves and interacted very well...and even us, as BE have to examine ourselves that we also are sincere and truthful in the sight of God in and out of the church.

On Wednesday also we managed to have enough time and played the children a DVD of Prophet Elisha and his servant to visually enhance the children's learning, it was very good and because the lesson was taught earlier in the week it was a good recap and there was a clear understanding by all even the much younger children.

Praise God.
Really enjoyed as always even as i speak on behalf of all of us at TEAM ILFORD! :-)

Jenny said...

The task is really inspirational and will certainly open the children eyes and the teachers eyes, too.


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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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