Monday, 11 June 2012

B.E in Action: Let us do it this week!!!

This is an idea for us to give to the children a reminding piece of the story of this week.

It is a chocolate inside and mind you it is a delicious Brazilian chocolate!

In this way they can also explain to their parents when they see our gift and ask what is the meaning of the eyes on it, and the kids will be able to explain to their parents that they have learned, that:

"The eyes of the Lord are in every place.." and we can't play hide and seek with God.

We have invited all the kids after the story to tell a secret they have been keeping from their parents and encouraged them to speak out to whoever it may concern, if a brother or sister or parent or teacher and even a friend, but they should know that even if it is a secretive action that no one saw their doings or what happened but God did see it, and knows about it so they might as well be free of mind speaking it out, and they will feel so much better and good with themselves as they are doing what pleases God, not having any secrets from Him.

Biblical Educator always put your very best efforts to surprise your kids in a way they can go home or to school and feel like sharing all our care in the teachings or visual resources and why not a delicious cake they had in CBC?

Delicious snacks make a great difference too, let always search of ways to surprise them, and make the story memorable with visual resources.

B.E A+ See, Practice and Share.

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