Monday, 23 July 2012

CBC & TF Israel Special Prayer Requests‏

Dear CBC&TF Coordinators,Supervisors,TF           Advisers and Biblical Educator,

How important is it for your children to have their prayers answered from God? But how can they have their answer if they never ask?

Yet still there are some kids and teens who are blessed, but don’t remember that they prayed for that answer or don’t recognise at all that is was from God Himself that blessed them, they think it was a natural victory by the strength of their parents, themselves or other circumstances.

The only way they can learn to see God behind all their prayer requests is if we teach them, if we educate them to use their spiritual eyes to see God behind all the good things that they pray for and see signs and answers from those prayers. But not only this, to make it a habit of sharing this with all the other children from our Biblical Centre (CBC).

They are the star of Abraham! and when they share their story with others, what they have prayed for and received from God their answer, their light becomes brighter and they are able to shine so much more that it inspires other kids to also want to shine and become closer to the light that is our Jesus!

When they share their testimony in the CBC other kids will also be encouraged to pray with faith as they prayed, and they will also be blessed.

Ask them. Who likes it when they see other kids happy?  Meeeee you may say… I love to see everyone being happy! And a good way to seeing people happy is when I share my answers from my prayers and the good thing God is doing for me, when I use my faith.

What is faith?

Right now we will use our faith! See this piece of paper? Write something very special on it to God that you want, but something that no money can buy, that no one can do for you. Ask them to give some examples, let them participate.

Yes request a miracle that only God Himself can do for you!

So all of us, even myself will make a special request to God that will be taken to the Holy Land “Israel” and it will be prayed on in several places by someone special, she will make several prayers for all of us in several different places. Where Jesus has been before, where He prayed, lived, made miracles and died, but became alive again!!!

We will be here in faith and wherever she takes our prayer request we will believe that God will hear her prayers

Let’s take action now and write our prayer request to God. No…. Not all of us. Only you who say B.E when I am answered from this request I promise to share the wonderful news of what God has done for me! So then yes go ahead.

Let us all make our prayer request also for our CBC & TF Teen here in the UK in order that we accomplish our goals, conquer, value and respect, starting from the inside out, with faith also with hard work & sacrifice.

All request can be handed to your CBC Supervisor  in order to hand them all to Mrs. Graziela by next week Thursday.

The special places where we will be visiting & taking the request to, & where we will be praying for the requests are the following:

Jordan river - where our Lord Jesus was baptised 

*Capernaum-where our Lord Jesus lived and performed most of His miracles

*Tabgha where our Lord multiplied the bread and the fish

* Mount of beatitudes

*Gideons spring

*Mount tabor where a special Cry Out will be directed for all the TF Teens in the UK (the mount of transfiguration) for the complete TransFormation of their minds!

* Tiberias/Jordan valley - passing by jericho

* Mount of olives *Garden of Gethsemane An specific prayer for the CBC UK Head Leader here will be made so God can always give her the strength for the sacrifices that needs to be made for this work's growth.*Pool of siloam - where our Lord healed a man who was blind from birth*Mount Zion- where the last supper took place* King Davids tomb. A special prayer here will be made for all Bublical Educators and TF Advisers in order that God choose and consecrate them for this wonderful work that is to build God's Character in the future of the Church.*I will walk through via Dolorosa - the path of our Lord's Crucifixionn

*Golgotha's gardens - where our Lord was buried - and the empty tomb- The special prayer for the CBC in general kids, parents and the whole work to be glorious in the same way Jesus Resurrection caused such a great impact in the humanity that in the same way the CBC have the same great impact to build life's and glorify with  glorious testimonies in the life's of all those who are part of it!

*valley of Ayolon- where Joshua overcame the five kings. And here an specific prayer for all future head of tribes, secretaries, CBC & TF leadership , Pas & all CBC leaders to have  same Spirit of Joshua fighting the fight of the Lord the Spiritual fight, and not to kill the Spirit with laws, but have Spiritual understanding in all, to fight the good fight! 

Kind regards, 

In faith.

Graziela Lima

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