Monday, 23 July 2012

TF Teen UK invited to Bp Macedo's meeting‏

Dear TF Leaders,

It is with great excitement that I advise you of the following,

As you are all aware we will have the priviledge of having Bp Macedo visiting us in London, where he will hold a special meeting in finsbury park at 9:30am,

We therefore would like to invite for the TF Teen UK to unite together to make part of this special meeting

all the teens are invited to come wearing a plain black t-shirt on the day, we will all sit together on the far right hand section of the auditorium, towards the front,

Please be advised that we will need the assistance of all TF leaders and all TF A's in assuring that the day will be organised,

I would therefore kindly ask that you already announce to all your teens and request a confirmation of how many teens will come on the day, (we also advise that you prepare yourselves and your teens to come as early as possible as seats will begin to fill up very early)

**It is important that you note that the respnsibility of the teens travelling to and from finsbury park will be the parents responsibilities and the TF leaders and TF A's will only supervise them during the service**

Please reply back confirming receipt of this email,

Deadline for the confirmation of attendance to the meeting (of TF leaders, TF A's and teens) will need to be sent by friday 27th July.

Thankyou for your attention & assistance regarding the above,

Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further clarification.

Kind regards

Marie Motondo

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