Wednesday, 1 August 2012



We have prepared a month full of activities after all it is the HOLIDAYS and we are going to have fun! Check it out:

You will have 30 min to have a fun chat, make special prayers, teach about tithes & offerings, speak about the message, & seek the Holy Spirit as of now this month they must have a 

"1 hour free for fun"!

1st Week: The CBC Olympics Week- 
Indoors Sports & Games

2nd Week: CBC Ready, Steady, Cook! 
or CBC Cinema, or Arts & Crafts.
(choose one according the facilities of your branch)


3rd Week: CBC Got Talent (Dance, Music, Act, Karaoke, etc. (Music & acts are only allowed to be Gospel musics)

4th Week:  Now ...UK has "Mother's Day" right?, "Father's Day" right? 

But when is "Children's Day" ? 

I know , I know everyday but...
We will establish in the UCKG every  year the 

"CBC Children's Day"
Every last Sunday of August.
(but if a general party happens with all of us together in the headquarters so on it will be last Saturday of August) 

Children can invite all their friends and neighbors.

For this month it will be on the 26th of August, on a Sunday morning, each branch will provide a proper party for the children, see below inspirational pictures.

(TF Teen will be the "Event organisers"  together with the biblical educators to support and help in all organisation with BE, and be part of it.)


Taiwo Lawal said...

This is such a great Idea!!! I was speaking to my CBC leader last week Thursday and I was telling her many of the children are becoming bored at home seeing as there is no more school, they hardly see their friends, their older siblings go out with their friends so their stuck at home with only their parents, it becomes very boring! And sometimes they become agitated and begin to behave in naughty way! But this idea is really good because it allows them to come to the CBC more than once (Sundays), they hear more messages and forget all the problems their going through; at school, at home etc! I love it and I cant wait to start!!!

debbie said...

This week we made our CBC just like a cinema and gave each child a ticket to watch the film 'Solomon.' it was a real blessing as we were then able to talk to the children about our temple of Solomon that is being built in brazil.

Children Biblical Centre presents...

Children Biblical Centre presents...

CBC Knocking Down the Walls of Jericho