Wednesday, 15 August 2012

CBC Outing to Gulliver's World

Hi CBC how has your holidays been?

I'm sure it has been Superb!
But in CBC we saved the best for last. Did you guess already what we going to do next???
Yes it's true we are going to ...

I want !! I want !! BUT...

-When? On the 22nd of September-Saturday
-Where? Gullivers Land -Livingstone Drive -Newlands -Milton Keyne -MK15 0DT

-How  much?    Adults £38,00      Kids £34,00

-What is included in this price?
  1-Entrance Park Tickets
  2-Coach- With Toilets
  4-Personalised CBC T-Shirt
  5- Identification Lost & Found Wristband (For Kids only)

-Where are we going to meet?
In Finsbury Park at 8:00am

More information and tickets selling in you CBC branch.

Take a sneak peak of all the FUN that we are going to have.


 Are you ready for this adventure?

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