Friday, 31 August 2012

Visual Resource: 1st week

Hello dear biblical educators!
This is a very special post: The Main Character of the Story!
During this month we will be talking about Solomon and we'll be using this resource many times...
 So lets give it a special treat!

Find the models bellow, it was made with foam sheets and a little piece of red fabric... but like always use your imagination and use colorful papers that you may have if you can't do it with foam sheets! Let's start!!!

Here we make Solomon with hot glue and his hair with Velcro faced up to stick on his crown...

We also made a cape with red fabric.
Behind the resource, we strengthened with cardboard and a support to place the hand to tell the story.

Look the resource is ready for yet one more story time.

This resource is to be made by every CBC but we challenge FINSBURY PARK to show us yours, you have till Sunday the  9th to share with us, it will be posted here on the blog so take pictures or make a video showing how you did it. We want to see your talent!

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