Friday, 31 August 2012

Visual Resource: 2nd week

Solomon receives King Anointing!

Here we have a easy way to make a beautiful throne for Solomon to be crowned has a King: Pay attention to this step by step instruction:
The materials that we used was a small box of milk, office paper, red velvet paper, white glue, black colouring pencil, gold pen and scissors.

Take the box, cut off the top and 2 stripes on the side:

Fold and glue has below:

Snip the top of the back of the throne to make it rounded:

Glue 3 stripes of white paper on the seat and on the sides:

Finish to line the throne with the white paper and white glue, draw the top edge of the throne:

Then make the seat with the red Velvet paper and it's ready!

Now to make the King Solomon you need 3 foam sheets, 1 heavenly blue,1 skin colour and 1 brown, a black pen, scissors, hot glue, gold foil and red sequins.

Now look at cute already sited  on his thrown waiting for the story!
Don't forget the King Solomon can have a different colour for his cloths or you can decorate the throw different using your imagination but it has to be very beautiful, unforgettable for the curious eyes of our children.

This resource is to be made by every CBC but we challenge Brixton to show us yours, you have till Sunday the  9th to share with us, it will be posted here on the blog so take pictures or make a video showing how you did it. We want to see your talent!

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debbie said...

Wow!!! This is so beautiful! Bullring are ready for the challenge!

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