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CBC Lesson from 18th to 24th of November

Proverbs 1.8
Teach the kids that when their parents called its attention they must listen and obey without complaining.
“My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and for sake not the law of thy mother…” (Proverbs 1.8)
Educator, class begins by saying the following: Today we begin our class with a game. Who of here wants to play? We will play Simon says. You must remain very attentive to avoid mistakes (give some orders to the children as: Simon says to everyone remain standing, Simon says to sit down, Simon says to make silence). You had to listen to my voice and be very attentive ... Isn’t that right? Today we will learn the importance of obeying parents and listen to them.
ONCE UPON a time there was a very naughty boy named Ricky. The father and the mother of Ricky were from God and always told their son stories of the Bible, but the boy liked to listen to them. When he does something wrong, the parents called his attention and taught him to do right, but Ricky did ugly faces and answered them very badly, because he didn’t like been called the attention.
It happened that one day him Mom told him the story of a boy named Timothy and said, Timothy was a child full of wisdom and he enjoyed listening to the stories of the Bible that his mother Eunice and grandmother Lois told him. As he
grew older, wanted to learn more about the Word of God, and continued reading the stories of the scrolls. At the time of Timothy, there were no books and the stories of the Bible were written on scrolls of parchment. He strive to practice the words were written in there.
While Ricky’s mother told him the story, he was attentive listening. And she went on to say that Timothy, when he met an apostle named Paul who talked about Jesus, then pipe the desire to do what Paul did, talk about Jesus to the suffering people. Timothy and Paul become great friends and together we roared announced the Word of God. The mother and grandmother of Timothy were very happy, because he was a servant of God.
After listening to that story, Ricky took a very important decision: he decided
that there would be no more disobedient and would have the pleasure of listening to the teachings of God that his parents told him. Ricky asked for forgiveness to his mother and told her that from that day on, he wouldn’t be more rebellious.
If you want to please God and your parents, then begin, starting by today, to listen, obey and follow their advice, then acting in this way you will be blessed and happy.
Does everyone understand? Well done!

Write on a sheet of paper or a cardboard the sentence Blessed life, then place it on the end of the class. Choose two children and ask for one to stay behind the other and tell the children: Let's imagine that he (pointing to the child who is in
front) is a car and the other (point to the child who is in the back) is the driver of the car. When the driver put his two hands on his shoulders, then the "car" must move to the front, when he place the hand over your right shoulder, then he turns to the right, over the left shoulder, turns to the left and when removing the hands the "car" stops. But the car should be up to that poster (the poster is displayed at the end of the class.)
Educator start the game (indicate the kid if it’s necessary), wait a few minutes
and conclude by saying: Kids, you saw that he (pointing to the child who represented the car) had to follow the guidance of the driver, otherwise if he didn’t obey wouldn’t leave the place. That also happens when a kid doesn’t listen to their parents, would never get God blessings, because He doesn’t bless the disobedient and rebellious people ... Do you understand?
Make a prayer asking God to teach the kid to be attentive and obedient to their parents, after ask to the kids to sit down. Ask some questions like:
1. What do you think about the behavior of Ricky?
2. Do you agree with the behavior, do you look like Ricky’s or Timothy’s behavior?
3. Does your mom tells you about the Bible stories?
4. In your opinion, how God felt about the behavior of Ricky?
5. Are you obedient?
6. Educator, for each question choose two children to give their opinion, let them express themselves the way they want.
SUNDAY Remembering the story. Ricky and Timothy had different behaviors. Cut and paste the names correctly. Note: Educator, after the activity asks the opinion of children about the attitude of the two of them.

WEDNESDAY Making art. At the time of Timothy, the Bible was a scroll. Follow the directions and assemble one.


Painting. After listening to the story of Timothy, Richard changed his attitude. Paint nicely.

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