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CBC Lesson from 4th to 10th of November

Proverbs 1.4-5; Luke 2.29-52; Matthew 13.55-56

Teach children that we must ask God for wisdom so we can grow up every day in His presence.
“I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.”

Take to the class a picture of yeast (which is used in cakes). Start by saying
the following: Children, do you know the name of this ingredient and what it is?
(show the picture and wait for the participation of them). You already may have seen someone using this ingredient in a cake, right? This is the yeast that is used for supply growth. Did you know that our spiritual growth also needs a special ingredient? Do you want to know which ingredient is this? Then pay attention that I am going to talk about it in today's story.

LAST WEEK, we learned about Solomon and how he was a wise man ...
isn’t it? One day he said: Listen to the wise and grow in wisdom, and instructed to acquire skill. Kids this verse shows us that the Word of God helps us to be wise; we need to listen to the teachings that are in the Word of God.
We can cite some examples of Jesus, who was also a kid as each one of us.
He lived with his mother, Mary, with his father, Joseph and his brothers. Joseph
worked making wooden furniture and Jesus always helped him in some tasks.
Jesus lived like a normal child: was a student, fed, and after a certain age went
once a year to the temple with their parents.
Buddies, the Bible says Jesus grew every day, strengthened and was very wise, because God was very near Him. From an early age, he taught the Word of God to the adults.
One day Jesus and his family traveled from Nazareth to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter week. They stayed some days in town and went to the temple where prayers were. When Easter came, the family of Jesus returned home. In the
middle of the road, Mary felt the loss of Jesus and began to search. Realizing that the child wasn’t there, they decided to return. Grief, Mary and Joseph went to the temple, and after three days they found Him. To their surprise, Jesus was in the midst of the doctors, the wisest men of that time. He listened and asked questions to them and, even as a child Jesus was talking about the things of God for adults with a lot of happiness.
Do you know kids that, we must separate a moment of our day to talk with
God, reading His Word with Mom and Dad, and think about the things of God,

Jesus desires that every day we come to grow in the presence of Him, using the
opportunities that He has given to us. Obedience is the secret for us to grow in

Take to class an illustration of a plant. Show to the kids and ask: Who of here can tell me what’s necessary for this plant to grow strong and beautiful? (Wait for their participation). The owner of this little plant should always water it, place it in the shade, but there is another thing you should do is marinate. Yes, the marinade can be compared to the vitamin that mom gave to us when we were babies, and plants also need vitamins to grow strong, the marinade is this vitamin.
The plants always need to be dressed so as not to remain weak. Our spiritual life is the same. For us to grow strong and full of wisdom in the presence of Jesus, we need this vitamin which is the Word of God (show the Bible). Educator, memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse that is on the poster of the week.
2. Explain the difficult words
3. Explain the meaning of the verse
4. Then divide the class and the verse in six parts:
• But grow in grace, and in the knowledge
• of our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ.
• To him be glory both
• now and for ever. Amen.
• (2 Peter 3.18)
5. Each group should memorize one part of the verse, and then each group
has to tell their part, ask for the whole class to tell their parts. Then, if you
think that it’s better, ask the group to memorize another part of the verse.
6. Conclude with a prayer with the children, asking the Lord Jesus wisdom
and that He make them grow with God.


AGE 2-3
SUNDAY Painting. Let's paint this beautiful drawing?

WEDNESDAY Finger paint. We must grow obeying the Word of God.
Using your fingers lets paint the Bible below. (For this activity use gouache ink).

FRIDAY Free drawing. 
AGE 4-7
SUNDAY Decorating the scene. Jesus grew up with the Divine wisdom. Paint and glue the leftovers from sharpening  pencils or any other material available. 

WEDNESDAY Passing the time. Draw on the board or cardboard, a very big watch. Explain to the kids that a day is divided into morning, afternoon, evening and early morning. Distribute pencil and paper for the class. As was explained, ask the children what they do in each of the periods of the day. Ask some children to show their drawings to the class and explain their day to day.
Conclude the activity by telling the children that in order to grow in wisdom, we need to set aside time from our day to strengthen our faith through reading
and practicing the Word of God. And do not forget to thank Jesus for giving us the opportunity to grow in the presence of God. Finally, make a prayer with the class.

FRIDAY Mime. Divide the class into groups of four players and each team must have a representative. Write in cardboard or cartons the words: growing, grace, learn, child, teach, strength, intelligence, Jesus. Place pieces of cardboard in a plastic bag. Explain that each representatives has to take a word, but you cannot say what it is. Can only dare to express gestures, mimics or drawings. Wins the group to discover the greatest number of words.
Conclude remembering that just as the children recognized the mime in the game, they must be attentive to the Word of God for the Lord Jesus wisdom
and knowledge, as the verse. “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” (2 Peter 3.18)

AGE 8-10
SUNDAY Puzzle. Paint, cut, assemble correctly and discover the scene.

WEDNESDAY With time, do some questions about the text being studied. Write down on some strips, fold and place inside a bag. Divide the class, on three teams and ask for a component of each group to take a question.
Each team must answer questions in a stipulated time without consulting the Bible. The components may answer questions or pass them to another team. The team that answers wrongly losses points. Who makes
more points wins.

FRIDAY Christian agenda. Type in the agenda your daily activities and do not forget the moment of communion with Jesus!

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