Friday, 14 December 2012

CBC Lesson from the 16th to 22th December

Hi dear Biblical Educators,
In this two weeks we been learning a lot about the story of Gideon, why the people of Israel were hidden in caves and how Gideon overcame the Midianites. We could see his revolt, his faith, his sacrifice and the results of all of that, so this week we'll revise all of what we have been talking in CBC, we can make questions about the previous lessons and we will make a model illustrating this inspiring and true story. See bellow the examples of the models, be creative and share with all of us your work of art, all CBC's are invited to send your pictures and we'll show here in the blog.

        CBC Requests are also going to ISRAEL

BEs  don't forget to collect all the children's request,  organize it and place them inside the envelope that we prepared, you just have to print and write the name of your CBC on the front of this envelope and give it to your Pastor with all the requests inside, just to clarify each branch will print only one or two envelopes for all the requests, this isn't to give to the children.

Are you ready for your blessing?
I'm sure it's on the way.
Have a blessed week.

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