Saturday, 5 January 2013

CBC Lesson from the 6th to 12th January

God's Creation

Genesis 1.1-8
 Teach children that God created the world through His word.

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command...” (Hebrews 11.3)Educator, take to the class pictures of sceneries, the sky, trees with fruits, animals, plants, flowers and the sea. These illustrations will be used during story time. Start the class by asking: Did power went off at your home? (Educator, wait their participation then ask to two kids how they felt that moment). It is terrible to stay in the dark, right? At night it is even worse because we can see a thing. Did you know the world was also dark, there was not Sun, the sky or little stars? That’s right. But today’s story explains how everything was created. So, listen carefully!CHILDREN, DO you know who made the world? (Wait their participation). The sky, the trees, the sea, the plants, the animals (show the pictures), all things were made by God. That’s right! God created the world. Little friends, say loudly the name of the one who made the world? (Wait their participation) God. How beautiful!But He did not make all in the same day, not at all. On the first day (show one finger), God said (Educator, change the tone of your voice and say) "Let there be light" and the darkness went away and everything was illuminated. You know children, before the light exists, the world was very dark.And God saw that it was very nice to have light, and then separated the light from darkness. For the light he gave the name of day, and gave name to the darkness of night. Little friends, during the day you go to school, play, watch cartoons, is not it? And at night, what do we do? (Wait their participation). At night, we sleep (hold hands together, placing them close to your face. Ask the children to imitate).On the second day (show two fingers), God created the beautiful sky that we see every day.        The Creation of God Yeay! The Bible (show your Bible) teaches us that God created the world with beautiful things. He is the Great Creator, so we must always be obedient to Him to be blessed, amen!

Here's the Activities, it was given on Thursday!





Tamika said...

The lesson was great, Here in Brixton, we even took the opportunity to teach the Children a song,

Tamika - BXT CBC

Tamika said...

The lesson was great, the children were really listening, we made it really fun and interesting, we also taught them a song which was really nice,

Amen, My Children (Spiritually speaking) are learning the ways of God,

Tamika CBC BXT

CBC Leader said...

Great Tamilka!

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Children Biblical Centre presents...

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