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CBC Lesson from 24th of February to 2nd of March

Genesis 41.37-57, 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46
Teach children that we should forgive those who offended us.
“…if you forgive…your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6.14)
Educator, take to class two small plastic bottles: one with water and another empty with the cover. Start by saying: I am going to split the water from this bottle to this another one (show the bottles but do not remove the cover of the empty bottle). Can I do this even with the cover on? (Wait participation). Of course not, right? (Educator, open the bottle and split the water). Only when I removed the cover I could split the water. Class, the anger and bad feelings close the heart of a person, just as the covered bottle. To have the presence of God inside your heart you must be free from all bad feelings. By the way, did Joseph forgive his brothers? Let’s find out.
WE HEARD last week that Joseph was put as governor of Egypt. He won beautiful clothes, a gold chain and the ring of Pharaoh. The king said to the people that, from that day on, all should obey to the new governor, Joseph. Little friends, during seven years Egypt was prosper, and Joseph ordered them to store part of everything was harvested in the plantations. With this, a lot of food was stored. After the years of abundance, came seven years of hunger and the people of another countries did not have anything to eat and many of them were going to Egypt looking for food.
And it was exactly what Joseph’s brothers did. They traveled to Egypt to buy
food. The governor Joseph was in charge of selling the food for people from other places. And it was at this moment that he met his brothers again. They came closer and knelt before Joseph but they did not recognize him. A long time had passed; Joseph was already a man and was very different from that young man they had sold. However, Joseph recognized them immediately but he did not say who he was. They introduced themselves saying they were there to buy food; they were twelve brothers being that one was missing and the youngest, called Benjamin was at home with the father.
Joseph said that would only believe in that story if they bring the youngest brother to him, and said that one of them would stay arrested while the others would bring the youngest brother. They got home and told everything to Jacob that, afraid, did not let them take the young man. After a while the food was over and Jacob said to his sons to buy more food in Egypt. They remembered they could only return if they take Benjamin with them. Then Jacob let him go.
When they got there, Joseph ordered to prepare in his house a very special lunch for them. His brothers had lunch and, at night, Joseph asked to one of his servants to put a silver cup in the food bag of Benjamin. When they were going back home, Joseph sent for them and said that someone had stolen one of his cups and the one who did it would be his slave from that day on. Joseph was doing it because he wanted Benjamin to stay with him. Then the servant opened the bag and took the cup.
The other brothers were so afraid and asked nothing to be done with him, that he could come back home because if they get there without him their father would not handle and could die of sadness; he was still missing the other son who had disappeared. Class, do you know what happened? (Wait participation). Joseph started to cry and told them the whole truth, explained all that had happened since the day he was sold out. Joseph asked them to bring their father and all the other relatives that were in his land. When meeting his father again, Joseph cried and forgave his brothers.
From that day on, they were all living in Egypt.
Little friends, God fulfilled the dream of Joseph. He was ruling Egypt and, after
Pharaoh, he was the most important person in that country. Even passing through so many bad things, Joseph forgave his brothers; so we should behave like this when someone makes us sad. We should forgive and pray for these people because this way we will be pleasing God.

Educator, take to the class the picture of handcuffs, start the fun chat showing
them this picture and asking the following: Do you know what the name of this object is? (Wait participation). These are handcuffs. Handcuffs are used by police officers to arrest people who did something wrong. Children, did you know there are some feelings that look so much like handcuffs? Do you what feelings am I talking about? (Wait participation). I am talking about hurt and hate. These two feelings let a person trapped, that’s right. They do not trap only the hands as handcuffs do, but the heart. Do you know why? Because the heart of a person gets sad, bitter ad God cannot live inside a heart like this.
Little friends, if in the begging, when Joseph was sold by his brothers, he was
hurt with anger, his heart would certainly be trapped to this feeling and God would not be with him. Joseph only became governor because he had a pure heart and filled with the presence of God; hurt was not inside it. He was free of all bad feelings, forgave his brothers and helped them when they most needed. Children, if someone let you sad then forgive and pray for him/her; this way you will please God, amen! Educator, make a prayer with your class and then, with the help of the poster of the week, memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse.
2. Explain the meaning of the verse.
3. First ask the boys to repeat the verse, then the girls. Then ask each row to say part of the verse, and at the end, the entire class. Educator, interact with them, congratulate every time they get it right and give another opportunity when they miss it.

Paint the scene. Joseph was not angry with his brothers. Paint it well with thick crayons.
Paint, cut and glue. During the seven years of abundance Joseph managed to store a lot of food.

Verse time. Paint, decorate and put the hearts together according to the model. Educator, you should staple the two hearts when the kid finishes.

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