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CBC Lesson from 3rd to 9th of March

Colossians 4.14 and Philemon 1.24
Teach children that the servants of God have authority to heal the sick.
“Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.” (Matthew 10.1)
Educator, make a poster with pictures of doctors seeing patients and bring it to
class. Start you class by asking the following: Has anyone here ever got sick or was injured and needed health care? (Wait participation). When you got to the hospital, there was a doctor and nurses there, right? Have you imagined if there were no doctors at all? Who would care of sick people? Doctors are very important. Did you know that there were already doctors at the time of Jesus? Today we will tell the story about a doctor who received a very special power. Let’s know more about it? Then, pay attention!

LITTLE FRIENDS, the Lord Jesus chose twelve men to be his disciples. Do you
know what their mission was? (Wait participation). The disciples had the mission of, along with Jesus, speaking to people about salvation, the kingdom of God. The twelve prayed and people were set free and healed. Miracles happened through them too!
Before them becoming disciples they had their works but they dropped it all to follow Jesus.
Occupations are very important. Imagine if there was no teachers, or doctors?
Have you thought about that? How would be the sick people? Who would take care of them? But if there were doctors and there were not servants? Who would lean the hospital? How would it be? Surely the doctor would have great difficulty working in a dirty place, right? It would be a risk even for the patients to be attended in dirtiness. You see how occupations are important?
Even God giving intelligence to doctors, still there are diseases they cannot heal
because they are incurable, that is, there is no cure. But there is a Doctor Almighty that can heal all diseases. Do you know whom am I talking about? (Wait participation).
Jesus, that’s right! Only He has such power.
Kids, there were already doctors at the time of Jesus, did you know that?
However, at that time, when a sick person needed help, the doctor used to go to his house and took care of him. Luke was one of these doctors. He was always with his friend Mark, the one who wrote the book of Mark, in the Bible. Luke heard of Jesus and learned that, through the name of Jesus, the sick can be healed, even of those impossible diseases. Doctor Luke started to believe in Jesus and became a very special doctor for now Jesus was inside his heart.
You know, friends, once Jesus came to blessing the disciples giving them
authority to heal all diseases, including the serious ones. How wonderful! The twelve and then the seventy men that Jesus chose had the power of healing everyone. That is so strong!
Did you know that the servants of God also have authority and power to heal the sick ones? (Wait participation). Yes, all those who serve God and trust in the name of Jesus have this power. And you too. So, if you know someone who is sick, tell him/her that Jesus can heal, invite him/her to come to church. Pray for this person and Jesus will also perform a miracle. Amen?

Take to class a picture (drawing) with a plumber, a cook, a doctor and a
mechanic. Start this moment by saying the following: Kids, do you know who are these professionals? (Wait participation). This is a plumber, this is a cook, this is a doctor and this last one is a mechanic (educator, speak showing the pictures). Each one has knowledge inside their own area of work. You do not call a cook or a plumber when the car has a flaw, right? You should call the mechanic for he will know what to do. Now, if there is infiltration, broken pipes, you call the plumber.
You do not call the cook to attend a sick person, nor hire a doctor to prepare, for example, a good dinner for a wedding. Each one has his role, but, even if they try hard, they will not always solve everything. For example, there are diseases that the doctors do not know the cause or they do not know how to cure it. But, the servants of God have authority to heal the sick people.
Friends, Jesus gives this power to all His sons and for you too. If you or any
relative of yours is sick, do not be sad. Not at all! If you believe with all your heart and pray with faith, then everything will be possible and you will see the great miracle that God will perform, like the one Jesus did in the past. Amen?
Educator, make a prayer with your class and then, with the help of the poster of
the week, memorize the verse as follows:
1. Read the verse.
2. Explain the meaning of the verse.
3. Ask the boys to repeat the verse first and then ask the girls. Later, ask to each row to say part of verse and, finally, the entire class. Educator, interact with the kids, congratulate every time they say it right and give another opportunity when someone goes wrong.

Painting time. Using thick crayons, paint Doctor Luke well.
What is the scene? Luke was a doctor dedicated to his patients. Cover the dots and discover the scene.
Puzzle. We learned today that the servants of God have authority to heal the sick. Pain, cut and play.

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