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CBC Lesson from 10th to 16th of February

Genesis 39.1-20
Teach children that when we do our best God blesses us.
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters…” (Colossians 3.23)
Start this moment by saying the following: With whom here has ever happened to perform a given task and your parent or responsible called your attention because you did it anyhow? (Wait participation). Class, we will learn today that we should be dedicated in everything we do because acting like this we will draw the attention of God and He will bless us. Let’s hear it?
DO YOU remember Joseph, Jacob’s son, who had special dreams and the one
who we talked about last week? Joseph had eleven brothers but ten of them were too jealous and ended up selling him as a slave. The people who bought Joseph sold him to Potiphar, an important commander of Pharaoh’s army.
Joseph was far from his family and in a place he did not know, but God was close to him. He was not angry with his brothers because he entrusted that God would help him in that land.
Joseph did his tasks with so much love, everything right, as he was doing to God.
And because of that, everything he was doing was blessed by Him. We will also be blessed if we always do our best.
Potiphar saw that Joseph was different from the other servants and God was with him, so he put him as his butler. Now, Joseph was the servant who took care of everything and the other servants obeyed his orders. Joseph’s boss was not worried about anything because he trusted so much in his work. Because of Joseph, everything was blessed in the house of Potiphar, for God was with him.
Joseph was a great butler, a working man, kind and very handsome. Little friends, the young man was so handsome that the wife of Potiphar wanted to date him.
Joseph was faithful to God, he knew it was wrong and did not accept to displease God or his boss. Class, do you know what she did? She was so angry and said a lie to his husband; she said that Joseph wanted to date her. What a lie! Potiphar got revolted and ordered to arrest Joseph in the king’s prison.
The young Joseph was arrested because of a lie, and once again, he was being
harmed without any fault. However, Joseph did not despair because he knew that God was with him.
Joseph trusted God and did everything correctly because he believed that one
day God would fulfill His plan. We should act the same way Joseph did, always doing our best, obeying and trusting our God, amen? Next week we will tell you what happened with Joseph in prison.
Write the verse of the week on the board before starting class. In case you do not have a board, write parts of it on papers and stick it with masking tape on the table (so the class can read it); do not forget to write the biblical reference.
Educator, for this moment you will need a blackboard (or white board); if you do
not have it in your room, use office paper. Write on the board the sentence: “We should always do our bast” (the sentence should be written incorrectly). In case you use the office paper, write it with a pencil. Start this moment by saying: Children, let’s read what is written here? (Point to the board or paper and read it with the class). Surely literate children will notice the error in two words, but keep saying: Class, just watch! I have written the sentence so quickly that I ended up making two mistakes; I am going to fix it.
(Erase the wrong words, write them correctly and keep saying). Just because I have an eraser (rubber) does not mean that I will not be careful when doing a good work. We should always do our best, including the smallest things in our day-to-day.
There are two ways of performing tasks: we can do the best we can or we can do it anyhow. In your opinion, which way does God prefer? (Wait participation). God wants us to do our best, right? Joseph, even being a slave, served correctly to his boss, that’s why he became the butler of that house. An even being downtrodden he kept entrusting in God. Who here will do the best and will always entrust in God? (Wait participation).
Educator, memorize the verse of the week as follows:
1. Read the verse of the week (the one you wrote on the board or paper). Explain the difficult words and the meaning of the verse.
2. Ask them to close their eyes, then erase (if it is written on the board) some
words of the verse or if it is written on the paper remove one. Ask them to read the full verse (they will say there is a part missing). Tell them to read it anyway. Then ask them to close their eyes again and erase or remove other words.

Decorating the frame. Joseph worked with so much joy. Paint and glue gift paper stripes on the frame.

Certification. Cut, paint and memorize the verse during the entire week. Educator, if possible, after it’s done, glue the certification on cardboard.


Find the errors. When he came to Egypt, Joseph went working in the house of Potiphar. Find the seven errors in the scenes below.

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debbie said...

I have just been reading this message and it's as if this verse was directed to me! It has made me realise how important our relationship with God is. We need to do our best whether it be at home (where maybe only God can see) with our family and even at work.

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