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CBC Lesson from 3rd of February to 9th of February

Genesis 37.1-36
Teach children that God has a plan in the life of each one of us.
“…what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2.9)
Start by saying the following: Who here has a dream? (Wait participation). There are two ways of dreaming: awake or sleeping. Sometimes, when we are going to sleep we dream with some things. But, when we have a very special wish that we want to happen or a blessing we wish to receive from God, we call it also a dream. In today’s story we will talk about a person who had a very special dream. Let’s know what happened? Then pay attention, it’s about to start.
JACOB HAD 12 sons and Joseph was one of the youngest. Jacob loved him more than the others because Joseph was obedient and took care of the sheep of his
father. Yet his brothers were always doing wrong things. One day, Jacob gave to
Joseph a tunic; it was an outfit with long sleeves that covered almost his entire body.
When seeing the gift, his brothers were very jealous of Joseph.
It happened that, one night, Joseph dreamed he was in a field with his brothers
tying wheat. When, suddenly, his bundle of wheat stood up and the bundles of his brothers surrounded and incurve before Joseph’s bundle. Children, Joseph told his dream to his brothers who were revolted and they said: "You mean you will be our king and will reign over us?"
After that dream, Joseph had another one where the sun, the moon and eleven
stars knelt down before him. Joseph spoke of the dream to his brothers and father. Do you know what happened? Jacob was upset with him and said: "What does it mean this dream you had? Will your mother, your brothers and I kneel down before you? "
Children, through those dreams God was showing that He had a plan in the life of Joseph. You know, class, at that time God used to speak with people through dreams.
Today, He uses the Bible to speak with His children.
One day, Joseph’s brothers were away from home, taking care of the flock, and
Joseph went to meet them for Jacob wanted to know if everything was fine with his sons. Joseph’s brothers were so angry with him because of those dreams that they decided to kill him. How evil, isn’t it? But Reuben, the firstborn of Jacob, did not allow them to kill him; he told them to throw him in a pit for he was thinking of getting him out of there later and take him home. At that moment, a convoy of important people who were travelling to Egypt passed by. Then, Joseph’s brothers got him out of the pit, took his tunic off and sold him to those people. When Reuben came back, Joseph was not there anymore.
After that, they killed a goat and defiled the tunic with the blood of that animal.
How evil and liar they were, because they took that dirty tunic and gave it to Jacob who thought that an animal had killed Joseph which was sold as a slave. What must have happened to him? (Wait participation). Next week we will talk about it.
We should always trust God because He has a plan for all of us and He is taking
care of us, just as He was taking care of Joseph. He wants us to be blessed and
achieve all the blessings in the Bible, amen!
Educator, you will need three plastic food containers with cover (they can be any size or shape). Remove the covers and put it on the table.
Start the fun chat by saying the following: See these containers; they are really
useful to housewives. In most homes there are containers like these, right? Are there containers like these in your house? (Wait participation). However, they are much more useful with their covers. Educator, at this moment get a container and a different cover and try to cover it; you surely will not be able to do it. Continue by saying: Children, I cannot cover this container (they probably will say that it is not the right cover), then ask a kid to cover it right. When it is done, say: You see, kids, each cover must be placed on the right container. Did you know that with God is also like this? He has a plan in the life of each one of us and will place us wherever He wants to for He uses us according to His will. Joseph had those dreams because God was showing him that one they he
would be a very important person. Little friends, God wants to do great things in your life. So, do not be discouraged, be obedient and trust God, for It is written: (Educator, show the poster of the week and memorize the verse with the class) “…what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2.9) Amen?
Educator, after this moment make a prayer with the kids asking God to fulfill His
plan in their lives.

Coloring. Joseph was a kind son, so his father gave him a nice outfit.

Coloring. Joseph’s brothers were very jealous. Paint Joseph and his family. Educator, after the activity talk to your class about the attitude of Joseph’s brothers.

Setting up the verse. Paint, cut and glue the pieces of the verse on Joseph’s clothes. Then just memorize.

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