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CBC Lesson from 14th to 20th of April

Galatians 5.16-26


Teach children about the fruit of the Holy Spirit.


“For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.” (Luke 6.43)


            Educator, take to your class a picture (easy to find on the internet) of someone looking under the microscope. Start by showing the picture for the kids and make the following question: Do you know what is this object and what is it for? (Wait participation) This is a microscope, a very important instrument for the researchers and scientists; with the microscope they can see tiny life forms that we cannot see to the naked eye. Class, today we are going to learn that the Spirit of God is the only One who has the power to see and understand everything. He can see what is inside our hearts for He is omniscient. Let us know what it means? Then pay attention, it is about to start!


            LITTLE FRIENDS, God teaches us, through a book of the Bible named Galatians, something very important about the Holy Spirit. It is written in this book that we should make God’s will and never make our own.

            Human wills are: enmity, jealousy, confusion, disobedience, fighting, selfishness ... and all these are sins. You know, class, sin will always displease God and the people living in the practice of these things will not live in heaven, for sin is contrary to what God wants for us. The human will, that is, the will of the flesh, always displeases God.

            Sometimes the child attends the classes, but remains behaving badly because disobeys the parents, hits and curses them; they do many wrong things and in doing so, they please the evil.

            To please God and not to do our will we should have the Holy Spirit, for when we have the fruit of the Holy Spirit it is easier to overcome our own will. Do you know what this fruit is? I am talking about love, happiness, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. God wishes to fill us with this fruit, but for that we should be obedient to Him.

            Imagine if guavas grew on a mango tree! It is impossible, right? On a mango tree grows mangos. We are people of God, and for that we should have the fruit of the Holy Spirit. There are people who say that they are from God, but they lie, say bad words, and disobey.

            Children, know that the Holy Spirit sees everything; He knows our thoughts and knows what is inside our hearts for He is omniscient. Besides, the Holy Spirit is omnipresent, for He can be everywhere at the same time; and He is omnipotent, that is, He is Almighty and can do miracles in our lives.

            The Spirit of God knows very well those who are not His. He wishes to be close to those who truly love Him and obey to His word. The Holy Spirit wishes to help, teach and take care of us, even through hard times.



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Dicionário - Ver dicionário detalhaCONCLUSION

            Little friends, the Holy Spirit knows everything. He knows us very well, He sees everyone and its attitudes; he knows which fruits they are producing. So, we should obey and seek Him with all our hearts, amen?

            Educator, take to your class some balloons, rice, bean and corn grains. Start this moment by saying the following: Let us say that those balloons symbolize two kids. Bean represents anger; Rice represents rebellion; and corn represents selfishness. Now I want you to pay attention on this demonstration (Educator, take the balloon and the grains). Let us say that this balloon is a rebel child who gets involved with much confusion, and therefore fills the heart with anger (put the bean inside the balloon), rebellion (put the rice), and selfishness (put the corn). How is the balloon now? (Wait participation) It is filled, right? However, it is filled in a wrong way, for we cannot decorate a party with balloons like this, filled with grains. Observe now (educator, take another balloon and blow, filling it up with air): this balloon is filled with air, and is more beautiful than the other, right? It can be used to decorate a birthday party.

            Children, when someone does its own will one is filled with the things from this world, just like this balloon (show the first balloon). But when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we are different and everyone can see the beauty of God in us (show the second balloon). Class, know that God wishes to fill us with His presence and the fruit of His Spirit, but for that we should empty ourselves of wrong things. (Empty the balloon with the grains and blow until fill it up) Do you see? This way it is more beautiful, right? That is what God wishes to do, to fill us with His presence. Who here wishes to be filled with the presence of God say “me”, amen! Educator, seek the Holy Spirit with them and then memorize the verse of the week.


Coloring and decorating. Anna had the fruit of the Holy Spirit, Bib had not. Paint the picture and glue shredded paper on the frame.


Cut and glue. Today we learned about the characteristics of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Paint, cut and glue it on the tree.

Research time. Research and write down the verses which talk about the Holy Spirit.

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