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CBC Lesson from 21st to 27th of April

Galatians 5.22-23 and Luke 10.25-37

Teach children that when we have the Holy Spirit, we have love and joy in our hearts.

“…because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us” (Romans 5.5)


Educator, you start this moment asking the following: Who here already saw a friend at school stumbling and falling? (Wait participation). What did you do? Did you stop to help, pretend you did not see or think it was funny? Most of the times, when it happens, people think it is funny, right? But is this the right behavior? Are we showing love to this friend? Well, I know a story from the Bible that teaches us a very good lesson related to that. Let us hear it? Then pay attention!


LITTLE FRIENDS, Jesus told a story to explain the importance of having the Spirit of Love. Jesus said: Once upon a time, there were three men: a priest, a Levite and a Samaritan. Priest was the name given to pastors back then. He was used to make sacrifices and prayers for the people of God. Levite was that one who helped the priest to take care of the House of the Lord and the Samaritans were the people who were born in Samaria and did not get along with the people of Israel. It happened that, certain man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho, and when he was passing through a roadway was attacked by thieves. He was probably scared, right? The man was very frightened and soon he gave everything he had to them. However, the thieves were very wicked and hit that poor man; they went away, letting him full of injuries. When seeing he was almost dead, they let him on the floor and escaped.
            The priest passed by that place and saw the man on the floor, hurt, but did not help him and left. Then was the time of the Levite to pass through that way. He also saw that that man needed help, but he quickly continued the way, and let him suffering on the roadway. Then, the Samaritan, who was coming on his animal, passed through that way.
The Samaritan was a very good man and, when seeing the man injured and moaning in pain, he got off his animal and put some wine and oil over his wounds. Back then, wine and oil were used to heal wounds. Hereafter, the Good Samaritan put the man over his animal and started looking for a hosting to put him.  When he found an inn, the Good Samaritan left him at that place, but before living, he paid the owner of the inn and asked him to take care of the wounds of that sick man until he was totally healed. And. If the man spent more than what he had paid, he would settle the rest of the debt when he came back. The Good Samaritan has shown so much love, right? He was not a servant of God, but even so he behaved according to His Word.
            There is no use being inside the church and not practicing what we learned there. Love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, and surely that priest and that Levite did not have that feeling in their hearts. The Samaritan showed he loved his neighbor and had joy in making good things for other people, and this is an attitude that pleases God.


            Those who have the Holy Spirit have love and happiness inside their hearts for these are characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit. The priest and the Levite really displeased God with that behavior for they had no love for that man who was suffering. When we have this fruit within us, then we have love to God, to church, to our family and to our neighbor; we have joy in serving God, in helping others, in obeying what is written in the Bible. Do you see how important is to have the Holy Spirit?
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            Educator, for this moment you will need pieces of crepe paper with 3cmx5cm; pieces of contact paper with 7cmx11cm, and a transparent bowl with water. Start this moment by saying the following: Class, observe this piece of crepe paper. It rips easily (show and rip a little piece of it), right? Let us see what happens if I put it in water? Educator, you put it in water and show the paper for the class; it will certainly lose a bit of color. Continue by saying the following: You see, kids, the paper lost its color, for it is not resistant. So too are many people who are in the churches, but do not have the Holy Spirit in their lives. These people are weak and cannot resist fights, or do not support problems, as they are not covered, involved by the presence of God.
            Educator, take another piece of crepe paper and wrap it with contact paper, and say: Notice now this piece of crepe paper, which is equal to the other, but is wrapped with contact paper. Let us see what happens? Educator, you put the paper in water, take it out and ask: and now, what happened? (Wait participation of the class). Do you know why nothing happened to this paper? Because it is involved by contact, we cannot rip it (try to rip the paper), and it did not lose the color. Little friends, when we have the Holy Spirit, then we are covered, involved by God, and so we have love, happiness, goodness, and all the characteristics of the fruit of the Holy Spirit within us; and the selfish of this world is not part of our lives. That is why we need the Holy Spirit inside us, so we can act like the Good Samaritan from today’s story, do you understand? Educator, you memorize the verse of the week with your class and then seek the Holy Spirit with the children.

Paint the picture. Who has the Spirit of God has the love and happiness in their hearts.

Increasing order. Love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Paint the scenes and put them in correct order.

Word search. We should have God’s love in our hearts. Find the words below: Love, fruit, happiness, Samaritan, Galatians, Levite, priest.

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