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CBC Lesson from 28th of April to 4th of May

Galatians 5.22-24 and Acts 9.36-43
Teach children that goodness and faithfulness are characteristics of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
“Walk as children of light, for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth.” (Ephesians 5.9)


Educator, you take to class a cardboard with pictures of people helping their neighbors, people helping others to cross the street, people donating food and clothes (easy to find in websites). Start this moment by asking to your class: In your opinion, what is similar on these pictures? (Wait participation). In all these pictures we see people helping each other or being kind to neighbors, right? In today’s story, we will know about a woman who was very kind to people. Let us find out whom am I talking about? Be quiet, the story is about to start.
ONCE UPON a time there was a disciple named Dorcas; she was known in her city. The good Dorcas was helping people all the time, specially the widows. She was a very talented dressmaker and used to make beautiful clothes. Dorcas used her own money to but fabrics and to sew dresses and clothes for the widows and the needy. What a good woman, right? She was a true faithful servant of God.
But, something very bad happened to Dorcas: a serious illness took the life of that kind disciple. They all knew about it and sadness took place at the city of Joppa. Dorcas was very useful for those people who respected and loved her very much. So, they took her body upstairs, to the top floor. Peter was at a city next Joppa. Two men were sent to ask him to follow them for they needed his help in the city. Peter went right away. When getting there, they told him everything that had happened and they took him to the place where the body of Dorcas was.
Little friends, there were so many people there. The widows who received gifts from Dorcas were crying and showing the dresses they had received from that kind dressmaker.
Then, Peter looked at those people and asked them to leave the room. He knelt down next to the body of Dorcas and prayed by saying: “Stand up!” And something wonderful happened. She opened her eyes and sat. Yeay, Dorcas resurrected! Peter reached out for Dorcas, and helped her to get up; he called everyone so they could see the great miracle God had made at that moment. Imagine the happiness the widows must have felt.


            Little friends, people should know us for our good attitudes, that is, the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Goodness and faithfulness are also characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit of God, and Dorcas, the disciple from today’s story, had this fruit. God was also good and faithful to her, by resurrecting her, making her to live again.

            Educator, take to the classroom a toothbrush and a hairbrush. Start this moment by saying the following: Children, we can realize from the story we just heard a very special fact, for when Dorcas died, the disciple Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, was used by God to resurrect her. He used his faith, which is one of the gifts of God, and the miracle happened. You know, class, when one has the Spirit of God, the gifts of the Holy Spirit were manifested in their lives. These are the gifts: Word of Knowledge, Word of wisdom, discernment of spirits, gifts of healing, working of miracles, faith, variety of languages, ability to interpret them and prophecy.
            Class, these brushes (show them) have the same name, the same function, but they are used in different situations; one is for brushing your teeth and the other is for brushing your hair. Each one has its utility, but, by no means, one is more important than the other. So too are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. All of them are important for those who wish to serve God, but the gifts are used in different situations. When the Holy Spirit sees that His servant needs a specific gift, then He lends it to the person. How about now pray that the Holy Spirit to bless us? So stand up and close your eyes so that we can talk to God. Educator, you say a prayer with the class. 


Covering. Dorcas was kind and made clothes to the widows and needy people. Goodness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Coloring. Dorcas was a faithful and good woman. We should also have those characteristics of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.


Puzzle. Dorcas was kind and made clothes for the widows and the needy. Paint, cut and set it up with your friends.   

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