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CBC Lesson from 7th to 13th of April

1 John 16.5-33 and Acts 2.1-4

Teach children about the baptism with the Holy Spirit, our Helper.


“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever.” (John 14.16)
            Educator, start this moment by asking: With who here ever happened you mother needed to go somewhere far away, she could not take you with her and you got very sad? (Wait participation) However, she got worried in letting someone taking care of you while she was away, right? You know, class, something similar happened with the disciples in the past, when Jesus died. Were they alone? Abandoned? Let us find out. Listen to the story very carefully!
            WHEN THE Lord Jesus came to this world, he did lots of miracles; He helped and taught many people, was betrayed by Jude, was arrested and taken to the cross on which he died to save us. However, before dying, Jesus said to His disciples that, when resurrected and being in heavens, He would ask God to send the Holy Spirit to stay close to them.

            Do you know who the Holy Spirit is? (Wait participation) He is the Spirit of God, the One who shows people their sins and the wrong things they do, and shows how far they are from God. We can call Him in many ways: Spirit of fear of the Lord, Counselor, Helper, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of God, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Wisdom, etc.

            Little friends, after Jesus was resurrected, which means He lived again, the disciples and some people of God were together in a place praying when, suddenly, they began speaking other languages. At that moment, they were being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Children, those who have the Holy Spirit had God Himself within them.

            How wonderful, right? God had sent His Spirit to take off the sadness from the heart of those people. They were filled with the presence of God, and so much courage and faith, they were speaking of Jesus. But do you know what a child should do to receive Him? First, one should abandon wrong things, bad attitudes like: disobedience, bad words, lying, fighting with your friends, etc.

Do you like staying in a place filled with trash? Do you like to live in a dirty house? Of course not, right? The Holy Spirit also does not like to live inside a dirty heart, filled with disobedience and rebelliousness. We cannot let anything bad be inside our hearts, amen?


DicionĂ¡rio - Ver dicionĂ¡riCONCLUSION

      Little friends, we should be obedient to the Word of God and practice everything He teaches us, for if we behave this way and seek the Holy Spirit with all heart and faith, then He comes to live within our being. Next week, we will be learning more about the Holy Spirit, amen?


          Educator, take to your class big pictures of the three physical states of water, for example: water in a bottle or water coming out from the spout (liquid), a tea kettle with steam (gaseous), and ice rocks (solid). Those pictures are easy to find on the internet. Glue the pictures on a cardboard. Start this moment by asking: What do these three pictures have in common? (Wait participation) Class, they all have water. That is right! It is water in its three physical states. You must have already studied about it and if you have not studied yet, will study soon. The water we drink (show the pictures related) is liquid. Ice is solid and when the water boils and leaves steam is water in gaseous state. All are water, but it presents itself in different ways, is not it?

Children, we can use this example to understand about the Holy Spirit.

 The Bible speaks of three very special people: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They form the Holy Trinity, that is, they are God Himself acting in three different ways. God the Father created the world and loves us so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, who died on the cross to forgive us of the sins and make us to be close to the Father. And the third, God's Spirit, or the Holy Spirit that was shed in the past want to come on our life now too. Who here wants to receive the Holy Spirit? Let us seek Him right now? Educator, seek the Holy Spirit a few minutes with the kids.

Coloring. Paint Ju praying to the Spirit of God.


Puzzle. We should seek the Holy Spirit. Paint, cut and set up the scene where the Christians of the past are receiving the baptism.

Enigma. 1. Follow the hints and find out the sentence. 2. Make a comment about the discovered sentence.


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