Friday, 5 April 2013

CBC 12th day of the Fast of Daniel

The Fast of Daniel Challenge for children 

Children have more difficulty doing this fast than adults and even more if they haven’t got any incentive in their house. This is the reason why we asked God for direction so that we could do something to encourage them to be better and to be closer to God. We were inspired by the challenges of Mrs Cristiane Cardoso’s blog to create these challenges for children. Some tasks require the participation of the family, and this, in a certain way, can help to enlighten the faith of parents who even though there are in the church, are still far from God. If you have more ideas or if you have done something that has helped you in relation to this fast, please, do not keep it only for yourself but leave a comment here and share this experience with all the Biblical Educators. 

NOTE: At the end of the fast, we will be able to see the charts and reward our children for their efforts. 

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