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CBC Lesson from 9th to 16th of June

Luke 15.3-7

Teach children about the great love that Jesus has for each one of us.
“And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice...” (John 10.16)


            Start the class by saying the following to the kids: Imagine that you have something very valuable, something you really like. A toy you won from mommy or daddy, a special clothing, etc. But, one day, you lose this valuable thing, you look for it but you cannot find. What would you do before that? (Give time for the children to participate). Today’s story tells us about a pastor who lost something very valuable. What did he do to find what was lost? Do you want to know? Then pay attention, I am about to start.


            ONE DAY, a great crowd who did not know the Word of God, had the desire of listening to the teachings of the Lord Jesus. The Scribes and Pharisees, who were very proud, selfish and nosy people, thought that Jesus should teach God’s things only to them, who already knew His Word, and because of that, they started saying bad things about the Lord Jesus; they used to say: “This man called Jesus keeps talking and teaching sinners”.

            You know, friends, when Jesus realized they were criticizing Him, He told them a story about a pastor who had a hundred sheep. The pastor loved them and was very careful with them. One day, he took the sheep to eat green grass and to drink fresh water. When placing them in the cattle he made with so much love, he noted that there was one little sheep missing.
            Great was the desperation of that man. Immediately he left the ninety nine sheep in the cattle and went out to search his lost sheep through the mountains. It was already late afternoon, and soon got dark, but the pastor did not give up on searching the little sheep. After searching all over, he saw it by far, run towards it, put on his lap and came back with so much joy. His happiness when meeting the lost sheep was so big that he gathered all his friends and gave a great party.
            Class, that pastor still had ninety nine sheep, but all of them were important, so he would not accept to lose one of them. Children, the pastor represents God, who loves us very much, and also loves those who are far away from His presence. The pastor from today’s story went to the lost sheep and took it back. So does the Lord Jesus with those who live away from His presence, because He sends His servants to the people who are suffering in this world.


            Jesus was so happy for teaching many people who were doing wrong things because they were little sheep who were lost and were found. Jesus feels so much joy when finding and saving those who are lost in this world.
         Take to your classroom a glass of water and the poster of the week. Educator, say the following to your class: I am going to choose a child to give a very nice example. (Pick a kid and ask him/her to stand up in the end of the classroom). Call him/her by the name and say: Open your arms and give me a hug from where you are. (Educator, open your arms too). Ask: Can you hug me? (Wait the child to answer). Well, maybe now you can. Without moving, drink this iced water I prepared for you. (Reach out your hand and offer the glass with water). You do not want to get this water? (Wait his/her answer).

            Children, the distance between me and him/her prevents us to hug each other and also to get the water. So it happens between some people and the Lord Jesus. Jesus has the wish to be close to all of us. He wants to take care of us, like the pastor from today’s story. However, if we are far from Him, how can He help us? Do you know what moves someone away from the Lord Jesus? (Wait their answer). It is disobedience, lie, rebellion, wrong things. Conclude by saying: I do not want to be away from Him, I want Him close to me all the time. What about you? Look what says the verse of the week! (Show the poster of the week and read with them). Jesus wishes us to be always close to Him. For Him to be always close to us, we just have to call Him. So, let us say to Jesus that we love Him very much and let us ask Him to stay close to us? Close your eyes and let us speak with God. (Educator, incentive the children so they speak with God by themselves, individually. Then, invite a child to go in front of the class and say a prayer).



Decorating the picture

Glue cotton on the sheep.



Paint and memorize the verse.


Telling the story

Watch the scenes, paint and describe the events of the story of this week.

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