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CBC Lesson from 17th to 23th of June

Luke 19.10

Teach children that Jesus can and wishes to save people.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19.10)


            Start by saying the following: Who here knows someone who does wrong things all the time, things that displease God? (Wait participation) In your opinion, can this person change its life, its behavior? Today you will know the story of two boys who behaved very differently. Let us find out why? Then listen carefully.


      ONCE UPON a time, there was a boy named David. He was from and he liked very much to go to church with his family. On the street where he lived there was a boy named Carl, who was 10 years old and was very naughty. He was always involved in fighting and confusions; he used to hit other children, mistreated animals and did not respect elder people. Mrs. Jane, David’s mother, was always going to church. One day, he saw Carl’s mother, Mrs. Mary, walking down the street with a very sad face. Mrs. Jane asked her if she had a problem and she answered: I am very sad with the behavior of my son Carl. I do not know what to do to change him. Then Mrs. Jane invited her to go to church, and she accepted the invitation. Next day, both of them went to church and their children went to .
      Carl was very well received by the educator and the children, while David was paying attention. During the class, the educator introduced Carl to all children and everyone said “welcome” and prayed for him.
      When the class was over, David went to the educator and said that Carl was a very disobedient and fighting boy and, because of that, he thought he should not be treated well, for he did not deserve so much attention. David was jealous. The educator said to David that it is written on the Bible the Lord Jesus wishes to save, to deliver those who are lost in this world living in disobedience and making mistakes. David left thinking on what he just heard. Carl continued attending  and day by day he was behaving differently. He was not rebel anymore; he was playing with other boys and was not fighting with them; he became a good student and everyone began commenting about the new behavior of the boy. One day, at , the educator asked who had a testimony to say and Carl told what Jesus had mad in his life, by delivering him from all disobedience for he had accepted the Lord Jesus in his heart, what made all the class happy. When the class was over, David apologized to Carl and said he was also happy for God saving him. From that day on, they became great friends.


         Little friends, it is written in the Bible: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19.10)
            If you have been doing something wrong and because of that you think the Lord Jesus will not listen to your prayers then tell Him all the bad things you have been doing and say you will no longer do that; He will surely change your behavior just as he changed Carl form today’s story. Jesus will live inside your heart, just believe, understood?


            Educator, for this moment you will need pictures of sick people (ill) and smiling people (apparently healthy). Glue masking tape behind the pictures and glue it on the board.  Start this moment by saying the following: Children, in your opinion, which of those people (point to the board or the wall) need healthcare? Educator, point to a picture at a time and wait their participation.
            Conclude by saying: Children, sick people go to the hospital looking for doctors to help them, right? Someone who is healthy does not look for a medical appointment, right? You know, kids, the Lord Jesus used an example similar to this when he said: “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” It is written in the book of Matthew 9.12.

            You see, Jesus wishes to save everyone who are lost in this world and practice wrong things. Who here wishes to receive Jesus inside your heart? Then lift up your hands and ley us talk to Him.




Carl became an obedient boy 



Carl became a good boy. Paint, cut and set up the puzzle.



Paint, number the scenes and write below what you understood from today’s lesson.

Your Opinion is Very Important

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